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  1. sigsvoor

    Vintage Daytonas, which can you recommend?

    hi Supi, certainly you are right. The 6 o clock hand of the st 19 is frozen and has to be modded to accept a v72 spec dial, thats all.
  2. sigsvoor

    Vintage Daytonas, which can you recommend?

    you have to hunt for a v72 dial
  3. sigsvoor

    Just bought this 1603.

  4. sigsvoor

    1603 Crown and Tube

  5. sigsvoor

    quick set or slow set?

    there is one exception: 16250 = 3035
  6. sigsvoor

    My new franken Rolex 1675

    very very nice! congratulation, mate
  7. woofy, dear Sir, i agree with you .......... but only, if i can see the tips of the SB in profile. in front view, it means that the SB are wrong, horrid wrong.
  8. very very nice, Mark but i have one little wish: please shorten the springbars and give them a nice finish ........ thanks
  9. sigsvoor

    Rep bracelet for a 16520?

    the early 16520 had the best bracelet ever, the 78360 (with 503 ???) all matte
  10. sigsvoor

    1016 is here (at last!)

    although this EX is measuring 36/20 mm like the gen 1016, the dial is the 5500-EX; these 5500 measure 34/19 mm and are "Precision" or "Super Precision", contrary to the SCOC printed 1016 dial;
  11. sigsvoor

    Jubilee for GMT Master

    unfortunately only fitting for the plexi-Datejust 160.. or the TOG 16250;
  12. sigsvoor

    Will a 3135 fit where a 3035 belongs?

    ..... and although dial and hands are hassle-free random interchangeably, the rotational direction of the datewheel is different.
  13. sigsvoor

    GMT 1675 Jubilee Bracelet

    caution, there was 55 only accepting the 1.8 mm springbars for datejust and there was 55 accepting the 2.0 mm sb for GMT