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  1. Greeting All, I like to thank Mike (Rionrlty) for a great services. Sent him my BK sub for movement and crown services. Rec'd my watch back today, and it looks and runs great. Hope all stay safe and healthy! -JN
  2. *Will keep you, your son, and your family in my prayer. -sincerely-
  3. Looking beautiful, it looks *gen* to me (and I owned a gen DJ 1603). Did Matt or yourself source the parts? Thanks.
  4. Great looking watch!!! Excellent decision to upgrade it with gen parts. Thanks for sharing!
  5. *Beautiful* and a great built. I kept scrolling back & forth to look at the pics, very nice
  6. Love your DJ. My first rep and gen Rlx are DJ (1603), still have it. Just curious, your DJ crystal's cyclob is AR? I can't tell from the pics, Thanks.
  7. It's great to be young and beautiful; Love the music. Kewl, thanks.
  8. Lovely watch, lovely pics :-)
  9. Great post and awesome (BP case) Sub-C build! Thanks for sharing. Quick question: Based on your build, would you think that BP Sub-C case (may) accept gen dial (with feet cut) ? If not, ... any insight as to why? Best Regards
  10. Hey Mac: MBW = Maria Best Watch. DO a search on "Maria Best Watch" and select "Rolex Forum" and you get some additional info. See the URL link below and few comments/explanation from some members here. http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/150120-explanation-please/?hl=%2Bmaria+%2Bbest+%2Bwatch#entry1144512 JKAY: Maria was a dealer here several years ago. He ran "Maria's Best Watch" = MBW ... this dealer has not existed in at least 3 years. He sold watches which he sourced from the "MBK" shopping mall in Bangkok .. the letters are an acronym for "The Mall of Everything" You can still source the same watches or watch parts from MBK via various dealers here. WOOF: Narrika is the main dealer that sources the new ones called MBK.
  11. Very nice collection. Love the leather watch straps/bands.
  12. Hey rsg1211.Welcome to the forum. Regarding your question about package delivery, I checked their website, it looks like they use local delivery to ship in their country and when it gets to USA, they use USPS. Please verify it. http://www.watcheden.net/shipping.html When the order has been disposed and shipped, we will inform you the tracking number by email. Then the customer can track status of the package by The United States (==>USPS) If watch****.net uses certified mail then someone at your home will have to sign for it. You have to contact/email them for info. Or that someone on the forum who has dealt with them can give a better info. Good luck
  13. Very nice choice of watches, classy and excellent collection!
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