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  1. Wow! Mind sharing with us how much u spent Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  2. Great work would be an understatement bro! This is amazing
  3. Very well said Mr. A. Your explanatory skills are far beyond mine.
  4. so envious Mr.A At least you MUSTS get his modded hands mate. Pointless going franken without the gen or Mr.A modded hands.
  5. I completely agree with you. Gen Hands are a must! Mr. A, i think you posted in the wrong section, isn't this sold to me? XD jk A very nice piece indeed.
  6. Youd get chicks anyways bro XD Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  7. Your watches are Quality Mr. A. Great to see you back!
  8. looks gen. Bought as GEN for a REP price? How is that even possible?!
  9. V4 is noob V5 is JF The best version is from neither of this factories but the L fact located in Singapore. They released a v6 which is basically a V4 but fully modded and serviced with a lowbeat swiss movement. I heard that the mods also include sunken bezel screws, etc. My recommendation is you should contact Legend for more info, esp if ur in the market for the diver. I've seen it first hand and its simply remarkable. Good luck Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  10. I dream of the same AP rep as u bro. The day an AP rep is as accurate as a PAM rep, id change my nick to AP153. Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  11. I see it everyday bro!! Id have to say though, your ceramic is the best hands down. Low beat swiss movement but with a 3120 plate transplant, probably the only one on this forum. You gotta post the caseback for panerai153 to see mate. What a remarkable piece! Congratz! Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  12. I know someone here that could pull this off easily. Don't try to be humble, we all know that your pockets is to the function of infinity ;D
  13. I had a similar experience with the same guy. I was going to write a thread or build a monument in his name but it seems like you did a better job in expressing your appreciation. Just gonna do a simple +1. Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  14. One of the most knowledgable AP owners on the forum now further adding value to this community. Just absolutely funtastic. Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  15. Mr Z, i got few questions regarding ur CF, could u pls pm me as i am unable to PM u. Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  16. the bigger problem is in the hands mate.
  17. Agreed, I went to a boutique to check the gen out and it is indeed undetectable by eye.
  18. To be frank, im not sure what mod is needed. The true mod master is someone named mr. A on this forum, i heard he is LEGEND-ary. But i got a pict of a fren's diver if it helps for comparison sake Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
  19. More like a Fan AND an expert
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