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  1. Thanks I reached out to Andrew and he sent me a link to Jaystraps. Appreciate the suggestion.
  2. Here is a pic. this strap screw bar is thinner than others. I have two other royal oak offshore reps and they are different. Any online sources you can recommend?
  3. Can't seem to purhcase the right Watch Strap Screw bar for Royal Oak Ceramic I purchased from Andrew. Any help would be much appreciated. i have ordered a few and they are all to thin. AP0534 - Royal Oak Diver 15707 CER/RU Black XF V2 Asia 2836 Mod.
  4. Please , I lost 3 watches to this guy... one of which was a gen cartier.
  5. I bought the 196 Pam ( see attachments) from Pure Time no longerin business and love it with one exception. I had the back taken off so I could examine the Automatic Movement it was embarrassing to me, the mechanism looked like it would cost $5.00 and has since stopped working altogether. I am aware there are Panerai Replica Automatic Movements with all the proper markings available. If you identify the movement have a picture taken and send it to me. I will pay you up front and when you receive the movement I will send you my watch. By purchasing up front I have a comfort level that I will have my watch to you and turned around back to me in days rather than months. Thanks...Michael Resh Mresh@mresh.com 561-702-7900
  6. Hello Gentlemen. Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. I have been trying to find some good quality rep Louboutin's for a cousin who has a great affinity for them. I don't know exactly why? I find them rather hideous. Nevertheless, my relationship with this particular cousin doesn't warrant dropping $1200 for a genuine pair and I don't want to take a leap of faith with the numerous sites I have noticed on the Net. Kind regards.
  7. Wow. That strap really looks great! Sent from my C525c using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you so very much for your feedback. Time to start hunting for a dial crown and tube.. Sent from my C525c using Tapatalk
  9. Good day. I purchased a BP 5004 from Josh over a year ago. I love the watch and am prepared to invest in a complete overhaul. yes, the crown and tube needs to be replaced, a functional power reserve would be fantastic, and of course the strap is rather pathetic. Does anyone have any experience with these modifications Any feedback, suggestions, sources etc would be most appreciated. kind regards to you all.
  10. I am looking for a recommendation of a supplier for a strap for my BP. Purchased this watch from Joshua and would really like to find a nice strap. The deployment buckle is great but the strap is rather pathetic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have been reading the various threads about the 41 mm day dates and scouring trades from members but have not found enough feedback. I am looking for a gift for a family member who owns myriad gen watches and won't consider a rep. I have become addicted to the pursuit and requisite modifications of Reps and want to make every effort to give him the best factory rep coupled with suggested modifications from a trusted member here. I am looking for an all gold day date 41mm. I have purchased two watches from Joshua (Pro Hunter 2836 & BP5004)and was mostly satisfied with the experience. However, I haven't found much feedback from owners of all gold day dates. I want to modify to ensure the greatest water resistance. I also am interested in appearance of the gold coupled with weight. Also, Is one factory better than another for this model? I tend to be rather impulsive but considering the nature of the family member for whom I am purchasing this watch I am holding back and striving for ample due diligence Thank you for your feedback.
  12. I purchased an IWC big Pilot 5004 from Josh about two months ago. It has stopped moving entirely and sounds like a ball bearing rattling around inside when taken off and (for lack of a better word) "Shaken." I would like to have the watch repaired. Please help with a reputable repair source. I am also desirous of obtaining a new strap. The replica strap doesn't do the watch justice. Thanks
  13. Thank you for all of the feedback. Girlfriend is taking photos today and will forward to JAG. I am new to the Rep game. I Happened upon it unexpectedly when someone paid a substantial debt to me with a Breitling. It looked genuine, felt genuine, and I never doubted its authenticity. Two years later when I took it for servicing I discovered that that it wasn't genuine. My initial feelings weren't of anger but rather amazement at the quality and craftsmanship. I started doing some research on my own and discovered this site. I read feedback and reviews, looked at pictures and took a small leap of faith and purchased two more Reps from a trusted dealer on this site. I have spent hours here educating myself for my next purchases and desired mods. Thanks to you, I think I have discovered a new addiction.
  14. thanks so much for the feedback. I have pm'd JAG. I hope we can do business together.
  15. Hello Everyone my girlfriend took a spill on the bicycle today and broke her Gen Cartier watch. (see photos). , I wanted to reach out to the members here for some direction as to the best course of action for repair or, at the very least, the procurement of a new crystal. She wants to send it to Cartier. I would rather utilize the wealth of knowledge here and perhaps consult with a trusted repair service. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. At present she has an ice pack on her head and thigh and isn't pleased that I am more concerned with the watch. Nevertheless, it really is a great watch and it (unlike her) will not heal on its own. Thanks.
  16. Thanks. I contacted him and will be sending the watch tomorrow. I appreciate your suggestion
  17. Hello all. About three weeks ago I procured my first two reps, a Big Pilot and a GMT Master with Swiss movement. I have spent many hours reading reviews on this site, striving to become as educated as possible with the hope that my expectations would be realistic. I purchased the watches from Josh and was impressed with his correspondence. I received the watches in a timely manner and have been happy with the process. Based upon my experience thus far, I wouldn't hesitate to order from Josh again. However, the date function on the GMT has stopped working. I noticed this morning that the date was off by 1 day. When I attempted to adjust the date it would not move. It is now stuck on the 11th. I would genuinely appreciate any feedback on my best course of action. I don't necessarily wish to get josh involved as he is half way around the world. I would like to have it repaired properly and would welcome suggestions. If This post is in the wrong forum, please accept my apologies.
  18. Welcome to the forums robertresh :)

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