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  1. spiralkladd

    Help identifying watch!

    Omega constellation pie pan dial Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. spiralkladd

    My latest creation

    It is a very interesting piece. Where does the case come from? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. spiralkladd

    Watch Travel Pouches- What do you guys think?

    Yes I am agreed with peter pan. Change the rivets by velcro. Lighter and scrachproof Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk I am interested in one too. Let us known when they are available Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  4. spiralkladd

    Anyone gonna pre order the iPhone 6?

    I have followed this thread with interest. I see the two operativ systems as an analogy of two political systems. The first gives you the freedom to set the rules between the users. A part of the security is sacrified to get the right to publish and act with freedom. On the other side the second system promises you a safe eviroment and an easy but unique way to perform most usual tasks. There is very limiting fredoom. You do not need to think that much. I belive you can sumarize each system with one word I am amuse and scare that the are prenty of followers of the second political system. I am one of them. I run iphone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. spiralkladd

    Next project, a Franken Yuki 3135. Am i mad?

    Well I believe you will get much more starting with a damage, non-working gen 3135 bought from ebay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. spiralkladd

    Officine Autodromo Prototipo Watches

    Well 650$ is way ot of my reach!
  7. spiralkladd

    Officine Autodromo Prototipo Watches

    They are really cool. How much are they?
  8. Is this watch the one with the right logo? Which TD did you buy it from?
  9. where can ia get one of this Tudor?
  10. spiralkladd

    IWC V3 Top Gun from toros

    I would like to have it. But it seems that v3 with asian 7750 has its issues. I have found a version with the ETA 7750 but a little bit pricely 898 dollars! puretime.co/product/top-gun-chronograph-full-ceramic-v2-swiss-eta-7750/ Anyone who has bought it? Is an ETA 7750 so expensive, 570 dollars more expensive than the asian?
  11. spiralkladd

    IWC V3 Top Gun from toros

    It seems that the rep is not working very well. Two problems has arisen Noisy rotor Defective date/day Does anyone know if there is just a factory producing this rep?
  12. spiralkladd

    IWC V3 Top Gun from toros

    Thank you Gordie. Two people with the same problem could not be a coincidence. I supposed i have to buy it from another dealer. I have been looking around and trevor has one which seems to be the same http://www.trwatch.com/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=459 Anyone who has bought one from trevor? Or Has anyone bought a fine iwc 3789 top gun from another dealer?
  13. spiralkladd

    IWC V3 Top Gun from toros

    I am dying to buy one of them but i wonder if it is worth the money. Is the hard pushing button problem normal for the 7750? Is it an isolated example for these reps or just for the ones mentioned above? has Anyone got the noisy rotor besides josecolon47? Anyone got a perfect funtioning watch v3? What do you think? Is it a rep worth the money?
  14. Welcome to the forums spiralkladd :)