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  1. Thanks guy, good to know... appreciate your input.
  2. I'd love to hear impressions if you do. Is it really a better 3717 rep than what other dealers are selling, to justify the markup? I see, from the QC pics of the 3717 on his site, that the day/date wheel is improved; is it close enough to gen or eta to not require new ones? Is the AR any good? Any input is appreciated.
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but is the strap in the images the OP posted a gen strap? If so, where is the cheapest place to find the IWC Top Gun strap?
  4. From what I have gathered, the [email protected] problem remains with the 'new improved' 29j.
  5. In regards to the infamous IWC Portuguese 3714 chrono, does anyone know if it's possible to simply remove the gears associated with the [email protected] dial (obviously rendering the sec dial useless), and still have the rest of the movement function properly?
  6. Welcome to the forums IWC_p :)

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