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  1. peterpotamus

    How accurate is this Daylight 196?

    with the A7753 will be fine, a nice piece IMO
  2. peterpotamus

    Kuvarsit PAMs?

    that boutique version is brand new, just became to life a few days ago quality and accuracy are out of this world
  3. so you are looking for a PAM 351 (44mm) or the 392 (42mm) forget the 392, it's steel not titanium
  4. peterpotamus

    Please help me decide! (Omega vs. Tag)

    Ceramic PO all the way
  5. peterpotamus

    Breitling SuperOcean with Orange Dial

    this site is legit, take a look http://www.jomashop.com/brtsuperocean.html
  6. peterpotamus

    Help to identify strap

    don't know the name, but you can send this pic to a TD strapmaker and inquire them.
  7. peterpotamus

    Portofino - your pics please...

    I got this baby pre-owned at a great price, she is stunning
  8. peterpotamus

    Portofino - your pics please...

    It's as accurate as any gen IWC could possible be... Didn't you notice the movement?
  9. peterpotamus

    Panerai 111N V3 QC Help

    looks good
  10. peterpotamus

    The versatile Cosmograph

  11. peterpotamus

    help identifying a Daytona

    Just to put a close in this thread, and thanks all for your info, the watch was confirmed gen by RSC, they asked me an outrageous amount of money to replace the dial, crystal and bezel, I didn't make any changes and the daytona is now SOLD. Unfortunately I do not have more pics of the mvt, but it was a zenith. thanks again
  12. peterpotamus

    TOP 3 Tag Heuer reps?

    gen F1 quartz, cheap and gen...
  13. peterpotamus

    What do you think about this IWC ?

    look at the new vintage ingy... looks god too