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  1. luckyman

    Who moddifies big pilots?

    try vac, most of the good modded ones that come up for sale are modded by him. Vac's Section
  2. luckyman

    New 42mm POs on Josh's site?

    That's the 45mm version. They finally fixed the damn logo and the AR looks to be improved, too bad the pearl still blows
  3. luckyman

    Pictorial: Omega 5th gen Planet Ocean

    Perfect angle to show the greyness of the dial text. Glad to see the datewheel is fine. That's one less mod you need.
  4. luckyman

    SOH Rep's - where to look

    @Kal Vilmer: Click the link in krpster sig. He wrote a great article stating the differences between the V1 and V2 SOH.
  5. luckyman

    Pictorial: Omega 5th gen Planet Ocean

    You could try contacting ofrei and ask if he hasn't shipped out the parts. If so maybe he could it with your current order. AFAIK he has some of those, just have to ask. If not maybe you can try ebay. edit: removed link. The datewheel I posted was the wrong one. It doesn't have the flat top "4"
  6. luckyman

    Pictorial: Omega 5th gen Planet Ocean

    I think you forgot to include an ETA datewheel for this one? It is rumored to have a silver/grey datewheel although on your pics it looks white. Hope I'm wrong
  7. luckyman

    OMEGA Gen Take a look

    looks gen to me
  8. luckyman

    5th gen PO 42mm asian clone

    Wow, that pearl is hideously protruding out of the insert. Could you possibly sand that thing down? Also could you possibly or feasibly swap the HE valve of the UPO for the 42mm?
  9. luckyman

    Received my 5th Gen PO but....

    I'm not sure. Like I said, the pics aren't mine. But based on my powers of observation they look like the same color as the dial text(not including 12,6 and 9 numerals)
  10. luckyman

    Received my 5th Gen PO but....

    jchurch posted some great closeups of the dial over at the other thread. Based on his photos it does look a little grayish but i don't think it looks that bad. But hey what do i know Pics courtesy of jchurch
  11. luckyman

    It's here! UVPO 42mm with DG4813 Mvmt

    Great pics jchurch and thanks for the closeup shots of the dial. It looks like the logo is still incorrect as the feet should be closer together but that is being too anal about details. I'm probably gonna get me one of these now.
  12. luckyman

    It's here! UVPO 42mm with DG4813 Mvmt

    @jchurch: could you post some close up shots of the dial showing the omega logo. I'm on the fence on this one since some of the pics I've seen for this model seem to indicate an incorrect logo but yours showed it to be perfect although it had bad lighting. Also a wristie would be awesome
  13. Look closely at the right side of the omega logo, there looks to be a chip in the dial print
  14. This does look like an ultimate version of the 42mm. Definitely leaps and bounds ahead of the 4th gen. A little bit better than the UPO. Not perfect but real close Some things i noticed. -AR coating is definitely better than stock out of the box UPO -Pearl is better than the UPO -Improved caseback, not just with the anti-counterfeit logo but with the engraving of the hippocampus -Omega logo is better than UPO but not perfect -He valve is in correct position -The "952" on the bracelet endlink is upside down Also noticed that looks like there is a blemish on the dial on the rightside of the Omega logo. Now that's QC fail. Overall looks good BTW how's the lume on this version?
  15. luckyman

    Ploprof in 10 days!

    i wonder if they were able replicate the jumping hour hand for this one?