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  1. olworthers

    Rolex 5500 Explorer

    That is simply beautiful!
  2. olworthers

    Road to perfection: THE Franken IWC Big Pilot 5002

    Absolutely beautiful build! I love that gen movement...
  3. olworthers

    Phongs New Website

    Thanks for the link....!
  4. Sorry to Hijack this thread a little bit, but I have a gen datewheel for sale. I have tried to list it here on RWG but I can't upgrade my membership at the moment. Advert is over on RWI, link here: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/valjoux-7734-datewheel-150410.html?t=150410 Happy to provide any pictures that will assist in the meantime! Hope I'm ok to post this. Mods please remove if not.... -OW
  5. olworthers

    Hello from UK

    Hello All I've only just joined this forum, been a member of other Rep Forums for a while! Looking forward to sharing and learning here too.... Olworthers
  6. Welcome to the forums olworthers :)