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  1. I was going to say, that has to be Gen. Just look at that balance spring assembly and the crisp edging on the power reserve cut out. Damn beautiful piece you have there, wear her in good health!
  2. So, I have been looking into getting one of the ingenieur vintage laureus sport for good reps, and a friend of mine has one he is willing to sell to me. However, he can't remember where he got it or from which factory this comes from. So, I ask the pros here if they may be able to tell which version this is from a few pics, if you may be so kind... Thanks guys and gals! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the input, guys. I appreciate them, as honestly the 003 is probably my favorite white Pam model. However, the 2 listed are what he has available, so maybe I should reword the title to show 'which should I choose'? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  4. Alright guys, so I have a quick question for our experts here on selecting a watch I am taking in on a trade. I have gotten an itch for a white dialed Pam, and am trading away my Swiss 2824 JLC NSD for one of the following, unmodified watches: Noob 251 or Z factory 499 1950s case. Now, I like the look of both, and the difference in case dimensions isn't a big deal to me. However, based on availability, movement, etc., which of these 2 would you guys go with? I don't prefer one over the other, and am curious to see which one we think is the better value? Also, should I be asking for cash my way for the trade with either of these? Last note here, I know that each of these utilize the quick release lug system. Has anyone here had any luck with fitting a new style bracelet from a Noob 299 on either of these? Thanks for your input! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. Here are the pictures as promised. Though the strap has the Deep Blue logo on it and is not sterile as many, myself included, would hope, it does the job quite nicely. What do you guys think? Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  6. So, over the last two weeks I have been selling off a few gen pieces on Watchuseek to build some funds for our lovely hobby, and took in a few trades as well to keep the collection ever changing. I managed to get my hands on a quartz 1000m diver from Deep Blue, the Sea Quest, in their red metallic sunray dial, and am very impressed with the overall build quality (having not owned a Deep Blue since their budding days, just before and around the time they started showing on ShopNBC). Anyways, back to the reason that I am posting this in regards to the JLC Navy Diver... I noticed that the lug positioning on this Deep Blue is VERY close to the case, and it reminded me of how tight of a fit there is with the JLC, so I decided to see just how well the black caoutchouc strap could work. Lo and behold, the strap fits almost perfectly as any semi curved leather strap would fit on a JLC like this. Though it does not fit exactly up to the edge of the case, it is tight enough to hide any major gap between the strap and case, and holds very nicely underneath the case due to its' design. I do not have any picutres of the fit right now, but will snap some tonight and post them for any curious NSD owners looking for a nice alternative to the straight edged caoutchouc straps out there. Have fun!
  7. I actually have a 'bedtime watch' collection of thinner Casios and a Timex expedition for this while my other watches rest overnight in their winders. Sure, my phone is on my nightstand not more than 2 feet away, but it's so much easier just to press the back-light button on one of these than reach over for my phone or sit up to try to read the digital clock on the other side of the room. The wrist feels naked otherwise, and it lessens the possibility of having nightmares that my watches were stolen, lol.
  8. Hey guys and gals, I was just cruising over on the big 'ol Bay site looking for some parts and stumbled across this lot. It looks to be legit, sourced at a watch maker's sale (possibly retired, who knows). There appear to be some nice parts here, as well as some very worn dials and such, but it comes with a clean looking SS bracelet reference 78350 as well as a case back removal tool (likely Bergeon). http://www.ebay.com/itm/lot-Rolex-Oyster-Perpetual-Date-Datejust-Airking-cases-Dials-and-Crystals-/201412935173?hash=item2ee5257e05 Sadly I do not have the funds to swing this myself right now, but thought that I might post here for you guys to see if anyone is interested. Assuming that there is enough interest, I would think that the $1,650 invested could rather easily be made back by parting cases and dials out to others of us that want them. The only caveat for now appears that the 'buy it now' ends in the next 5 or so hours, so I would take a look fast if you are interested. *** This Ebay account does not belong to myself or anyone that I know, I am simply mentioning a possible good deal here for those that are looking to complete any projects that they have open, which require any of the parts offered in this eBay sale. The seller looks to be trustworthy and has good feedback, so it appears that, given going prices of Rolex dials and cases, this could be one heck of a deal for someone interested. Good Luck!
  9. Those chamfered edges really do set off the mid-case quite nicely on that piece! I especially like the orangish tan colored strap with the PO. It's a shame though, on the black strap, that the lug stitching is ever so slightly off between the two sides @ the 6:00 lugs. Otherwise, spectacular leather work, as expected from Simona!
  10. I'm with you Drop. Could get a nice Tudor for that price, and personally I would much rather go for a Tudor Heritage Blue than one of these if I had a Gen chrono on my radar.
  11. I was thinking the same thing before it became known that it is a snap back design > 'That's an odd looking caseback for PAM, where are the edge cuts?' I get that they may have been trying to differentiate their special order case and such from any other PAM, but why go this route? Panerai likely had to have special molds and machining made to have this case made, as none other like this exists in their catalog. This is all speculation, but going the route to make a cheaper case while having to likely spend more money on production instead of just using the case from, say a Base 000? This sounds ludicrous to me, especially to cheapen the product for the one group of people on the planet that tout their product as the most amazing thing ever? I would be extremely surprised if there isn't an uproar from the Paneristi community on their custom end product being this way. Personally, I would rather take ANY other base model over the 634.
  12. That is one sexy looking Radi there, fab! And that Angelus, wooooo
  13. Love the construction on old Guild acoustics! And your Big Crown too, of course!
  14. Very nice buy! I had that 183 in my sights as well, but the better man won. Looks good!
  15. It's amazing what can be done with the right design and construction. It looks like it is completely random, but the way that the hour pinion is set up (this is a very overly simplified explanation on my part), it forces a 5 space jump ahead to the correct marking. It's spaced just enough that the design seems to be more magical than it is, but that is what makes it fun, right? A buddy of mine comes into the clock shop where I work every so often and wears either this (Gen) or his old Gen Speedmaster. The Crazy Hours always gets more attention from people.
  16. Rep-hating, Gen-loving purists aside, that guy sure is an idiot for not only posting a pic of a rep watch on a strictly Gen forum, but also for mentioning the forum that he bought it from. Seriously, how could such a moron even think that was a good idea?! Especially when there are enough well informed guys and gals over on RWI already that could have answered his questions without bringing embarrassment onto himself. Amateurs...
  17. Could it possibly have been Zuriner? http://www.zuriner.com/
  18. Micky, I am sad to hear this. Though I do not have any repairs with you, I am sure that everyone here that does knows 100% that you are trustworthy enough to never even think of making up an excuse like this to buy time. Best of luck to you and your family in this hardship, and if there is anything that I can do for you over here across the pond, let me know (as limited as it may be). Best, Uber
  19. The amount of awesome here is through the roof! And I have a case sitting here just waiting to be softened up and fitted with a fantastic dial such as this one. Very generous giveaway here, Whoopy. Glad to have seen this one, I'm definitely in!
  20. Good grab there! I have used him many times for my assolutamente straps and such. Like you said, for the value it is pretty much unbeatable. And they make my PAMs look like a million bucks!
  21. Very nice project! Looks like you can have some good fun doing this with a lot of pieces in the future. If you ever think about hiring out projects to the rest of us for bronze plating, I am sure that there will be some takers.
  22. The shop that I work for has an exclusive deal going for the next five years with Le'pee to be the exclusive importer of their products to North America. Before we were even able to get a bid to bring one over here, all of them were accounted for inside the European market. Should be interesting to see how many pop up on the secondary market, and if they de-value much.
  23. Unfortunately, a lot of it is gambling with sources online for the more exotic pieces (like a guy that I have sourced stingray and lizard leather from, based out of Malaysia). Not every batch that I order is perfect, but most can be used to make some interesting pieces. For more domestic leathers like cow, there is luckily a leather shop near me that I have been going to for many years and have a good relationship with the owner. So, he sometimes gives me pieces and scraps that others wouldn't necessarily take interest in, or offers deals on regular squares. I do have a few different leather etching and grooving tools, but for some reason I just like the look of the surface leather when it gets pinched by the twine near the holes. Just a strange preference I guess. I have been meaning to try to get up to some of the gun and military shows that are near me every once in a while to see if there are any deals on vintage military bags, be they leather or canvas to try one out. Maybe one of these weekends I will actually go. Also been curious to see how well an extremely broken in baseball mitt leather works. I think that could be pretty fun to use.
  24. No problem. Lol, I forgot to mention about protecting the thread / twine from damage as well. This works especially for twine that is lighter in color or specially dyed. I tend to use heavier waxed threads in darker hues, so that doesn't bother me too much.
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