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  1. Great news! I was beginning to lose hope..
  2. too be honest miss king is reputable dealer on multiple forums I want to believe she wont deceive and defile her name for a couple of sapphire crystals. I have dealed with her in the past and she has on a few occasions got me parts that most dealers will not or cant not source for me and sometimes free of charge for being her customer. I cant vouch for Prdubis but miss king if she can get it she'll tell it to you straight but lets just see how this plays out. Lets just hope for the best my friends
  3. I freakn hope so I want a damn sapphire for my 212 already!!
  5. I REALLY REALLY hate this thread damn you all!!! I already purchase 3 watches this month and this is pushing me over the edge for a 4th.... did I say? "I HATE YOU ALL!!"
  6. sweet I hope the ball starts rolling
  7. so the sapphire does exist, so for the sake of this thread and im just putting it out there but could your dealer possibly get enough crystals for everyone on the list btw you have one heck of a 212 now, im very jealous
  8. I'm a bit confused, im assuming here but is the tester saying its a sapphire in the first picture? If so where did you get one!!
  9. That is interesting all the dealers tell me the factory is not making them maybe there finally in stock please post pictures so we all can help you determine if in fact you did receive an ultimate. The sapphire isnt for looks but for functionality, synthetic sapphire or mineral glass can be scratched and rather easily but sapphire on the other hand is NEARLY unscratchable. Thats why most of 212/253 owners are just so afraid to wear this beautiful watch. And congrats on your first rep, I'm sure there will be many more to come
  10. I thought the ultimate's where out of stock?
  11. does anyone know if the crystal dimension is all the same in the v1-v3?
  12. I really hope this goes though, just picked up a 212 just for this acquisition. anyone looking to trade a 253 for my 212
  13. toro exact words are youre getting a "crappier" version hahaah you also have to understand this "v2 or v3" whatever it is, its coming from a different factory. The ultimate version comes form the same factory as the hublot so you can expect quality. I am not sure where these newer ones are from but if one of the dealer says your getting less of a watch for a higher price ill take his word for it. Toro a stand up dealer and he'll tell you like it is unlike someone *cartel* that just wants to make an extra buck from us.
  14. I got clarification from toro and hont that the new 212/253 are indeed 21.6 movements and also not sapphire. Well toro only confirmed the 21.6 not the sapphire but hont confirmed both.
  15. From what i know the 253 from the better factory "ultimate" is discontinue or out of stock. the current one or "updated" is from another factory that has a 21600 movement, regulator, and correct rotor. I am not sure the dimension of the old crystal will fit the newer one either unless someone wants to clarify.
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