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  1. Saw the one you picked up congrats!, CG is brushed and the buckle will depend on the strap you get. OEM will have a 22mm buckle and after market is 24mm since Panerai supposedly doesn't make 24mm buckles. Good luck and congrats. I should tell you though, the 111 was my first Pam... they have since taken over the watch box[emoji15] And im not alone in this.. its called the Pam bug.
  2. I'll give you $75 for it?? JK, looks like you scored! Congrats, i also picked something up from member Russ, hope it turns out like yours.
  3. Who bought the RP river Hornlug?
  4. Will send you PM once i have the case! Thanks
  5. WOW! Now im thinking Bronzo is next, unless this one pops up up M2M sales. Not sure if I'll be able to afford it though...
  6. Awesome first pic, great pictures all around, thanks!!
  7. Welcome to the forums jvilla510 :)

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