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  1. Lovely pics and artistry. I appreciate that you chose a profession where you do great attention to detail in 3D all the time. So you will fit in fine here. Thanks for posting up.
  2. I'm amazed and floored every time I am on this site because of how good and deep the knowledge is, and how gracious the people are. Not just about the chosen interests but lots of stuff. I come here a lot to read. You should too. This site clearly is not about the knowledge only. To make a great site you have to participate. Not reading, not searching, is simply not building the community. It is almost comical how many times in how many places (pinned info, faq, etc) it is mentioned that people come asking for the best sub. You would absolutely not ask if you saw all that. We all know you didn't see all that, so we know you're not using the site the way it was designed-to relate humans to each other around a common interest. These people are not a vending machine for answers. To get to your original question: Go buy a cheap sub. Any will do, because you're not in it for the details. And the details on the whole are pretty good. In fact, I recommend you get a non-rollie sub-alike because there are a lot of things out there that look fine. You may get more for your money. On the whole you will do yourself well to buy a given brand because you know and enjoy its details. If you don't, don't buy. The other part of your question. The TDs are T. They all may be a bit different one to another but they are all trusted. If you are up for the whole experience, any will work. Some patience and clear communication is required.
  3. I'm a new guy. This thread is an example of one reason I signed up. There are a lot of other, technical and artisan reasons to be here. But as the comments here indicate, there is a lot of professionalism even in how constructive criticism is handed out. I've seen it many places on the forum. I like that people want each other to survive. Want each other to be within the rules. And want each other to enjoy this world.
  4. Welcome to the forums envision :)

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