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  1. I bought it for a dollar at a good will donation center in a bin. thought id take a chance on it..thanks for your help
  2. Hello everyone. I need some help with this Tag Heuer. I took it to a quality jeweler that sells tags and they said it could possibly be a older European model? Is that even possible? It says it is a LINK Calibre 36. It is an automatic and has the serial number as 187963. I have read a lot of forums about deciphering fakes from authentic and so far it matches with the authentic ones except I cant find anything like it online. The hands light up when it is in the dark, all the [censored]s work great and it seems to be of great quality. It still has the plastic covering on the back face. There is also a little button on the left side of the watch that I am not sure what it is for. You can see what I am talking about in one of the pictures. I have posted some pictures and hope someone can help me out. Thanks
  3. Welcome to the forums abbott26 :)

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