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  1. Hi all, The noob v3 still has the same white insert color, so platinum mod is on the table. Can you recommend a CONUS modder who can do all of the following: 1. platinum mod 2. relume with tritec bg-w9 3 - n. WR, DWO or cyclops alignment if necessary, regulation? Thanks in advance!
  2. The white insert is a glaring error, I'd pump some cash for two things: 1. platinum insert mod 2.Tritec BG-W9 relume well, there'a also room for a regulation and water resistance.. not sure if BK did that last one.
  3. Isn't BK's work only useful when things aren't aligned to begin with? He does use the swiss version so I suppose it may be worth the additional $200 all-in to get.. What could actually be done about the crystal - remove the AR?
  4. You guys that choose DSSD/SD over subs or subc is it mainly due to the cyclops issues or what is it that makes those models more appealing? I notice more of the former being sold or traded but noob v2 for example tends to rarely come up. Just curious what your thinking was when deciding to buy one over the other.
  5. Well since that part's being fixed on the v3 the 116610 looks like it's going to be a significant improvement. What about the AR on the cyclops.. how bad is it in every day use?
  6. I'd hold out for the noob v3 ceramic, which could be out as early as a month from now, but will probably be within 2-3 after translating dealer time into reality time.
  7. The only major thing this model is missing in my opinion is the better insert. Better SEL, centered everything, and more accurate AR would make it nearly perfect, but the one biggest current flaw remains the insert. What's the worst part about it?
  8. Welcome to the forums rjk :)

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