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  1. I actually have one of those!!,,, NOS, never in a watch,, the back is identical to yours,, I've been wondering what in the world it was worth,, Someone had one offered for sale on a Panerai website for $3000,, But no pics of it... You think they'd be worth that much Jay?...
  2. The hands are the stock Cortebert ones..
  3. After my Rolex pocket watch/Radiomir cased project,, I've been looking for another similar project to do,,, Then this BEAUTIFUL little piece came along,,, It's the first Cortebert movement I've seen finished to as good, if not better than they finished them to Rolex specs,, it's also a 17 jewel version, as opposed to the normal 15 jewel one,,, I had the case, and strap all ready to drop the movement into as soon as I got it,,, Well it came today!,,, It wasn't a simple "drop-in" like the Rolex pocket watch movement and dial was though,, I had to remove about 1/2mm from the diameter of the dial, then fabricate a very thin stainless steel ring to move the movement and dial away from the crystal, to align it with the case tube,, then finally, trim a couple thous from the tip of the minute hand to clear the inside of the spacer ring I made.. but other than that,, it, "dropped" right in.. Lolololol,, I have a slightly domed saphirre crystal that I may install in place of the acrylic, but not sure yet.. The copper/coral colored dial with greenish/gold outter ring is very uniqe,,, And it hasn't lost/gained a second in roughly half a day! I don't see this one coming off me for quite some time!!...
  4. Klink's a [censored]wit,,, He banned me also,, I got into a "pissing" match with one of their moderators,, who BTW, owns that, "other" Panerai site,, Anyway,, I got into a pissing match with said moderator, on HIS site,, i was HAPPY to leave it there,, HE chose to drag it over to RWI,,, I responded to it,, I was also threatened by Klink to, "watch it, or else"... Needless to say,, I told him to go [censored] himself,,, Hahahaha,,, Since you seem to be monitoring this thread klink... Care to give YOUR side of my story?... Is E Hole still enjoying your, "reach arounds"?...... lolololollol
  5. Hahah,,, nope,, carefully split the dial halves,, sanded the base alittle,, held a spray can of the, "correct" color about 2-3 feet above it,, and misted it,,, looked it over,, then misted it again,,, re-attatched the face while the paint was still tacky... VERY complicated procedure,,,, lolollolo
  6. Over the weekend, I got to handle/play with, and really inspect a buddies genuine 6152-1,,, I was completely in love with it,, in particular the simple, patina'd dial,,, I got to thinking about all the, "extra" parts I had at home, and thought I'm going to use them up.. lolol... Mirror polished fiddy case, lop off the sub secs hand... Flip the crownguard over.. I had a WM 12,3,6,9 dial in it with stock Fiddy hands,, Not bad, but the hands were wrong.. I had the "correct" hands from WM also,, but they were WAY white... A quick patina'ing of them,, and I was set.. Looked great,, Then today I got in a Davidsen, "MARINA MILITARE" dial... NICE dial,, but two things bugged me,, 1, lume was too clean, and yellow for me,,, 2, over paint from the MM on the dial,, I cleaned-up the over paint,, and then split the dials,, and with a little, "patina majic" Presto-chango.... hahahah,,, Not bad for a total of a half days work.... I'm going to re-work the dial a little more and get a more accurate look,,, I still need a plastic crystal,, but the non-AR coated saph is just fine for now,, It's a daily beater,, so it'll probably fare better than plastic,,, Anyway Here it is,, Pics are ALSO, quick, down and dirty,, so please no comments about the dust/lint... Hahahahah
  7. Thanks again,, Actualy,, it is VERY easy to read the time,, I set the time using the 9:00 marker as the 12:00.. So at a glace,, you know the time right away,, it's NO problem.. To really screw with people,, I've set the time normally,, so you have to look at the dial at a 90 degee,, Hahahaha,,, that REALLY mess's with people... lololol
  8. Hey guys,, Thanks for the positive comments, Yes,, It is a WM 3646 case kit,, with a complete Rolex pocket watch movement/dial/hands... It was really an accident. The 12,3,6,9 dial/hands do not fit the Rolex movement like I'd like,, So I just put it all together with the original parts until I could locate the correct dial/hands... I am now in not such a hurry to change it,, I LOVE it like it is,, Yes, the strap is one of the WWII Ammo pouch straps,, I make them. This particular one is made from a WWII Italian Carcono rifle sling.. The stains, scars, and, "wabi" are all genuine, vintage stuff, from blood, sweat, tears, mud, who knows,, lolol, I also made it in the vintage style with the flat buckle, and fixed keeper in the same loop.. I had an original 3646/6152 strap to copy the construction... I'm glad you all enjoy it.. Thanks again,, "Adeeos"
  9. I'm not the type to say, "I told you so",,, but HELL!!,,, it does feel GREAT doesn't it Watcher?... lolol... WOW!.. 40% off of TURDS!,,, EVERYone buy some.... The saddest thing is,, People still will,,,
  10. JUST when you think a person can't stoop any lower,,,, they AMAZE you with just how talented they are at it!,,,, lolololol
  11. Yes,, Aaron is an artist,,, but his POOL game sucks,,, Just ask him,,, lolololol..... .... How's it going Bud?
  12. Have you ever seen one of his waterproof straps?... Of COURSE they're waterproof,,, PLASTIC is naturally waterproof...
  13. I can respond to this,, I was told today by a very good friend,, that Elliott has TOLD him that HE now owns the name TC Dirks, AND either "Dirks.com",,, or/and "DirksStraps.com",,, etc,, So you can lay-off your somewhat defense of this scumbag, that I, and SEVERAL others on this and other boards TOLD you he was a scumbag way back when,,, OK?
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