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  1. Truly beautiful. Very nice build.
  2. Would love to see one of these built. On the question of size it would wear the same as my gen. 94 airking which I was sure would look too small on a 7 inch wrist but actually fits really nicely.
  3. Thanks for the link nick1972, I'll be ordering a set of the tigers for my build.
  4. Any idea if the tiger concept hands are the correct length, seems like most reps are too long on the minute hand. In terms of a correct dark blue dial for a MN build I would say PVirus has the closest.
  5. Love Tudor flakes, just picked up a PVirus dial for my 9041/0 to replace the overly blue Helenarou dial, need to source a black insert and bleach it to dark blue for the perfect combo.
  6. Amazing collection, very well thought out. That 5513 is fantastic and the gen spider dial must of cost a small fortune.
  7. Ouch 25 euro for spring bars, wow.
  8. What a beauty, gorgeous. I have a real soft spot for anything 1016. Wear it well, those leather straps look the part too!
  9. Beautiful collection, enjoy them. 5513' are my fav's next to a good 1016.
  10. REPPIN, thanks for info on the dial, seems like yuki has one of the best besides the old Vietnam dials I have seen. JFMIII, That dial looks great, a deep dark blue / black, I'll have to give the smoke mod a try.
  11. That is such a great solution to the dark blue insert dilemma I've been having with my 9041/0, most of rep inserts are way too blue purple & after you fade them they look really purple. Glad I stopped by!! That's a really nice dial too, If you don't mind me asking where did you source it? The helenarou dial I have in my build is ok but again a bit too blue for a true Marine Nationale flake.
  12. If you dont mind me asking where did you source the gen dial 14270 dial, does the fact that the T Swiss lettering is being slightly cropped bother you.
  13. Agree - its looks great.
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