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  1. Great shot. beautiful capture of the setting colours too!
  2. How do i smell...normally through my nose. I can just about still get away with shower gel and lynx Never had any complaints
  3. Some things you just cant unsee >_<
  4. new Captain America, fairly solid film actually. Solid 8/10 Decent choreography really helped it out, was just the same stuff seen in Avengers. Couldn't say the same for IronMan3, which while i didnt mind in the cinema, coming out just had no love for it. Felt like watching power rangers by the end of it!
  5. Haha supprised the comments are not all about triangles/new world order and all that rubbish
  6. Cracking shots btw. Using a macro lens or using an extension tube? Watch nearly as old as me!
  7. Wow nice piece. Think we'd all love one. Affording is another matter
  8. Nice hue gradient over the watch. Didnt blind self in the eye then?
  9. Great article, exactly what i was after. Cant wait to try some macro shots out, especially some snow flake and insect ones
  10. ah nice. Thing is they keep changing the layout quite a bit, and obviously on mobile, It just doesn't make sense, for ppl who just see. Finding more people viewing from a mobile now anyway.
  11. How have you guys felt like you have progressed? Does it really stay free or made to view on some dodgy spam infested site? Only neg comments could see, were that the guy isnt structured enough, and talks for too long. Finding this with alot of tutorials on utube, but my pet hate, is when they contradict themselves later in the video. If you are trying to fast forward or jump ahead, it becomes very frustrating if there is a workflow change or mistake you have been told to do, then in a quick mention or cut, have that statement revoked >_<
  12. How long had the walkman? both great looking pieces.
  13. I let the cat in recently, couldn't find it anyway, called it, rattled food. Nothing. Went to st up camera, moved the tent/box. cats head pops up, i jump and trip backwards on the floor, cat comes jumps on my lap as wondering if paralysed. Good times
  14. Dam he got a lucky break. Any itemised lists of checks to go through when checking for fakes, or just knowledge over time, and not published so the counterfeiters dont get the heads up?