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  1. Best to email him. Do you have his email contact address?
  2. Yes, can confirm pf.838.com is current website (as at this moment). Joshua has just dispatched a GMT ll to me & this is my 3rd rep from him over last 3 years, and each watch I've received from him is mint and still operates perfectly. Unfortunately, I cant say this about others that I have received reps from previously.
  3. His website has just changed again.... does anyone have his new site yet?
  4. Sorry team, that's not correct there's four eights i.e. www.ttw8888.com
  5. Hi Guys Andrew's (TRUSTY TIME) new website is www.ttw888.com
  6. Thank you all so much for your kind input. For the layman it's certainly a confusing conundrum, but based on all your comments I'll now go with the Asian 2836-2 and save the additional US100...many thanks again!
  7. Hi team....If I choose Swiss ETA 2836 over Asia 3286 movement (and pay approx. USD100.00 extra), without getting a watchmaker to dissasemble and check it for me on receipt, is there any other way I can check to see that the supplier has sent me the correct movement? Does a trusted supplier realy solve this problem? ... many thanks for any help you can give.
  8. Welcome to the forums broadbeach :)

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