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  1. Nivka

    Sub dial differences

    My 2017 gen has the tighter spacing. Read smoke’s ceramic sub dial guide on rwi
  2. Nivka

    Baking a dial in an oven - Tropical Dial Recipe

    It depends on the dial. Keep a very close eye on it. Give it 5 minute intervals. Take it out before you think it’s done, because it might keep cooking after it’s out
  3. Nivka

    AP Picture thread

    I’d buy your ceramic from you in a heartbeat
  4. Nivka

    Arrival of my TC 16610

    A TC sub is a joy forever - John Keats
  5. Nivka

    New pick up- gen omega speedy pro

    Excellent choice. Can't go wrong with a speedy pro
  6. Nivka

    Rolex Kermit LV insert

    Love that shade too; more apple green than olive
  7. Nivka

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Tc lv type 2