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  1. Hello, What do you guys think about this watch? http://www.intime.co/audemars-piguet/1825-royal-oak-offshore-jf-1-1-best-edition-ss-rubberclad-black-silver-dial-on-rubber-strap-a7750.html The ROO with the updated bezel.. Is it accurate to gen? I think the AP logo is too small..
  2. AP Offshore Navy

    The JF, mate.
  3. Noob vs Jf safari

    The JF's are the best in my opinion
  4. Fraud ! weight AP Safari Trade with Malik

    83 gr is def a fraude!
  5. Looks nice, The only thing I don't like on the 44's is the open caseback (wrong movement)..
  6. AP ROO: Gen vs Rep Comparison

    The AP logo on the ROO RC's is way too small, am I correct?
  7. Welcome to the forums Rep123460 :)