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  1. ROLEX GMT 16710

    Whats up guys ? So im thinking of selling off a couple watches to build a Franken GMT 16710 with the "Batman" bezel. Im asking for some advice with forums members with similar builds. I/E- Where to buy the best parts Any sites to start off with the rep watch before mods. And also any setbacks anyone experieced along their builds. Appreciate any feedback, Thanks
  2. Phillip got him self a Rolex Boys !

    Bump Thread "well I'm mildly intimidated by some women but we will save that for another day or date aha get it ?" That line made my day
  3. GTG NY NJ

    Great job putting everything togther and thanks for trading for the Omega with me
  4. Hello from New Jersey

    Mike on a bike- Where will that be taking place ?
  5. Hello from New Jersey

    Hey Community Im interested in Rolex rep to gen mods. Also in Omegas and Hublot, Hit me up if you do labor and have gen parts for rolex. Or if you have modded watches for sale.
  6. Welcome to the forums ThaAftaParty :)