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  1. Hi All- I purchased a 116234 M2M at the beginning of this year which was originally purchased from intime with the SA3135 movement. Since owning the watch I have had no luck with the movement running consistently for 24+ hours and to be honest do not have the skillset or knowledge to be tinkering with the movement. I can wind the watch 20-25 times and wear it throughout the day yet the watch will still come to a dead stop by morning when I wake up (about 7 hours sitting on a shelf). First I am wondering if this is an easy repair to the movement? Secondly, is there are any CONUS modders who would be willing to take on this work or could opine if I should be replacing the movement/have the ability to replace the movement with something more reliable? I attached a couple pics from the original sales thread and can send the full link in a PM if helpful. Really appreciate any help or advice anyone can provide!
  2. Damn I love this thing..... I honestly think this is my next build but I need to educate myself on the gen crystal and find where the best reliable place to get one is!
  3. Hey Guys- Been joining a bunch of these forums as I just found out that they exist. I am trying to get as much info as I can to help me with my most recent obsession. The 1675 pepsi build! Seems like there area lot of different ways to make this build but for someone who is still learning the lingo and how hard it is to build I have a long way to go...
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