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  1. Its a go faster watch !! All the big bucks they spend in sporting events ect makes people feel their cars will go faster wearing a hublot big bang......lol I considered a new Big bang on my last spend on a watch but their resale /appreciation value when older is not like a Rolex, I bought a 50th Submariner. At least if I want to do some servicing at home or find a part its easier than Hublot. I have a collectors Hublot MDM GMT Geneve and I cant find anyone that can tell me what movement it has inside and that kinda stuff sucks
  2. Hi Im wondering if anyone can recognise what movement this Hublot has? It has CAL 9506 HUBLOT but googling cant get me any results for service guide or youtube stripdown ect. The date is stuck and the rotor looks a bit sticky to me. Im also puzled that the center bearing doesnt appear to have a screw for removal and inspection on the rotor? Im sure the date prob is a simple fix, I hope :-)