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  1. I admire you’re work and if I had the skill and patience maybe I could own one. enjoy your watch its very desirable. Congrats.
  2. Wished I had acquired a no date back in the 70s, miss spent youth and all that.
  3. Yes, read and weep indeed if only I had bought just one of these.
  4. JLC Navy Seals Diver A bit out of focus, so hears a better view
  5. PAM111 gen with resin filled sub buckle
  6. From about 1998, and fitted with a gold plated ETA movement
  7. Really nice build, just wear it now and get some pleasure from your work.
  8. Beautiful watch, in truly wonderful almost new condition, a little patina on the numerals and hands, you have to keep this one🌻
  9. I have to agree with a previous post where you have a teenager with a Rolex looking out of place in his environment. Just might be better off with a Gshock. Just my two cents.
  10. I particularly like the bracelet, and it would look good on my wrist.
  11. Wow I gotta get me some of these, I am going to spend the evening reading here. Then I am going to spend some money.
  12. Thanks, I hadn’t heard that before. I will remember that. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Here’s mine it’s a MBW and still to be aged. Can anyone say which is the correct bracelet and where can I find one.
  14. I really like the patina on that dial. well done,great build.
  15. Excellent job I would not know that this wasn’t gen if it wasn’t posted here. Well done!
  16. Good luck with this, it looks ok to me. Enjoy.
  17. Nice build. Made more satisfying when completed on a budget. Looking forward to those side shots.
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