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  1. Wanted to buy 3 ARF watches from Dtime,( www.dtime01.co) wrote to Adrian on WhatsApp which replied promptly to me , it was interesting because of the 25 percent general rebate for orders over 1000 dollars, he asked me payment with PayPal family and friends and to split the payment , I've sent 2 payments, one of 600 dollars and one of 559 on 2 accounts he gave to me, then I never received any QC picture nor the watches, asked for refund he never replied to me , his WhatsApp is silent and he don't read my messages anymore... Just wanted to make sure anyone will read this message to stay away from Dtime and Adrian. I have all the WhatsApp screenshots , the PayPal transactions etc etc...
  2. Thanks Hayden... so it’s hard to find a decent one...
  3. hello, i'm in search for a nice rep of aJLC reverso, the most accurate one, doesn't matter if quartz or mechanical, what should i look out for? who's got it? cheers to everyone max
  4. Josh confirmed, it is real ceramic, thus he admitted that there are better reps fir this price! I love the sincerity of Josh!
  5. Hi, I saw in perfect clones a replica omega dark side of the moon with automatic correct replicated 9300 movt, and CERAMIC case and bezel... Just wondering if it is real ceramic of some kind of dlc/pvd steel treatment (as on other forums nobody says that there are real ceramic clones of the dsotm) ... Watch isn't very cheap at over 400 dollars but if it is real ceramic I'll try. Your thoughts?
  6. Hi,is there any nice replica of the prince chrono 79260 prince chrono out there?
  7. what about the co axial replicas with the 9300 mvt replica? (bicompax) , are they more accurate?
  8. hi, once upon a time i had the orignal one both in black classic plexy version and the gemini in blue, now the crisis stroke on me and i had to sell them, but i love this wattch and i'd like to found the most accurate replica out there of a moonwatch 42mm manual winding. where can i find one with ss engraved caseback? what are the flaws of those replicas? thanks massimo
  9. Grazie a tutti ! Da che sito comprare repliche 1:1 fatte bene (non economiche) ? (E che arrivano senza rogne)
  10. Hi my names Max and i write from italy . Looking for a reliable site for 1:1 replicas top grade. Ciao to everybody and thanks for the add
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