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  1. So I've wanted to post this for a long time now and I think now is the perfect time. This Daytona crazy is insane. With Paul Newmans Daytona selling for 17 million dollars more and more people are wanting a piece of history on their wrist. A few years ago that was me. I contacted the right people and since then I have had 2 spectacular vintage builds. Having said that the real reason for this topic is to get everyones opinion on who is the best. Rolojack or TheSociety. I have worked with Jack in the past and everything has been pretty amazing. Also, I have read up alot on TheSociety and from t
  2. Not sure if it is a cartel base build. Rolojack was the one who did the build for me.
  3. Fellow members I am looking to replace the bracelet on my 6263 Daytona with a Gen bracelet. If anyone has a 19mm 78350 Gen Bracelet for the 6263 Daytona please pm me. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I wanted to share pictures of my Daytona build that I received not to long ago. This project started sometime last year. I knoew what I wanted but was not really familiar with the technical aspects of the build. Parts, movements, etc. After doing alot of research I reached out to Rolojack and asked if he would be willing to make me something pretty special. I decided on the Daytona 6263 PN Panda Dial. Something about this dial that i really liked. I put my trust in his hands and he worked his magic. He would ask me what I wanted every step of the way and was a huge help. Rolojack thanks for do
  5. Wanted to know if any of you fellow members have purchased the seemingly impossible to find new 2016 Daytona. I have seen the ones the TD offer. Even msged back and fourth with a few of them. To my knowledge one factory is better than the other but at the end of the day it may be personal preference. Has anyone gotten a rep of the new 2016 Daytona? If so what are you're thoughts?
  6. Any of you fellas into Japanese Whiskeys? I made the mistake of trying one a few years back and got hooked ever since. Since then they are very hard to come by because of the demand. I started collecting several bottles and have now amassed a nice collection. Wanted to hear what you guys think and of any of you all fancy Japanese whiskey.
  7. What about papers? Can you get replica papers for a PN watch? I have seen some members posts and they have papers for the replica watches. Thought this was pretty cool
  8. Thats pretty cool that there is a few Houdinis out there that can make or get ahold of whatever they like. I have come a long way from buying POS rolex watches in china town NY lol! Looking into a milgauss right now (rep) to start wearing as my every day watch. If anyone reading this has a PN they are willing to get rid of plz let me know.
  9. So just to get on the same page. 8,000 just for the head. How much more work would it after? Strap, engravings, etc? For the price is this pretty much as good as its going to get? What do you guys think?
  10. Are all those your builds? If so all i can say is WOW. Bravo man! Really impressive. How long does it take to build something like that? And what is the average price for some of those builds?
  11. Thanks for the responses. I was well aware that the Newmans were in a category by themselves. Great pics freddy really appreciate it. I do have the funds to go about it the right way. Like you all said it starts off 1,500 and kind of takes off from there. Problems arise, of course. I told myself if im getting into a Paul Newman rep im going to go about it he right way and do whatever it takes. That being said option 3 on your post. If all goes well can this be a watch that lasts for years and years? Also I know the most important thing in the "vintage" rolex world is the vintage look. Having s
  12. I recently started getting into vintage Rolex watches. Specifically the Paul Newman watch. Every time I travel to a different city I go to vintage watch stores to check out what they have. Most of you know that the vintage rolex watches are crazy expensive. Having said that how difficult is it to build a new perfect vintage Paul Newman Rolex? I know there are a few different color options and of out of those which is the coveted among the Paul Newmans? I have a few genuine rolex watches and just now have done more and more research on forums like this. I dont think I will ever buy a genuine wa
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