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  1. Hi all thanks for the replies I had a good look around and ordered a Reg submariner yesterday afternoon. Went for the date black version I'll put pics up when it arrives. I used to walk round the watch shops in Marmaris for hours looking for the best watches for the best price bartering the owners. The best watch I ever had was the orange bezel omega 007 payed £50 was an amazing quality watch. The movement was Quartz chronograph,waterproof But over the years the watches got a lot more expensive and the quality was shocking. Anyway I won't be going back in a hurry now beautiful place but just
  2. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum having never bought any replicas online usually go on holiday to turkey each year any pick up a relatively good quality rep for roughly £100 don't fancy turkey at the minute due to Isis n the likes but I'm getting the itch once again and lurking online and seeing some of the absolutely brilliant modded watches I'm curious to how I'd go about buying one any help will be appreciated I've added a picture of my current watches Casio mtg 1500 Suunto ambit 3 and my panerai luminor . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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