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  1. What about the ones being advertised as retro-fitting 16610’s? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A good friend of mine has a Trusty Time sub model ROLSUB0017 Replica of 16610 Submariner It was about $550 with all the add-on charges. Well, he decided to weld while wearing it and splattered the sapphire crystal & case/bracelet. Also, the paint on the pip fell out. So,,,,he decided that a ceramic bezel insert would be cool and I told him we could probably replace the crystal with a generic Rolex version. After all, this is the “Ultimate” version, a “direct” copy of an original Rolex! Well, the bezel insert is held in with double-sided tape and the bezel itself is retained by a multi-bent wire spring, with a spring/detent ratchet. A real POS system- nothing like the Rolex “snap on”, with hooked ratchet spring. And, I have a fair amount of Rolex parts Genuine & generic, but no sapphire crystals to fit this watch. We contacted Trusty Time and they want a small fortune for replacement parts, including $70 for a crystal, when I can buy a generic Rolex for $30. BTW, the ceramic 40mm insert he bought on the bay is about 0.5mm too big for the bezel. Anyone know someone who can fix us up with a replacement bezel & ceramic insert, as well as a sapphire crystal & seal? It’s a fine-running Swiss ETA movement and I’d like for him to get happy. Thanks, Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ...FS: Rolex 6239 Chronograph, excellent original condition, aftermarket leather band. $1,780,000...
  4. Caci

    5513 Project

    So, aside from a Gen, could I reasonably expect that a Yuki or MQ assembly (Insert & Ring) to snap together, without glue? The WSO did fit my retainer properly.
  5. Caci

    5513 Project

    WSO Bezel received yesterday. Insert pre-installed. When I mounted bezel, it spun too easily, so I removed the bezel to bend the spring for tension (familiar with this - done many times before). Insert popped out and would not “snap” into bezel ring. Looks like it was previously glued in place. On it’s way back to Sugarland. I have bought WSO inserts in the past, for later sapphire crystal Subs & GMTs - no problems and very satisfied with the quality. Other than the rachet feature (bi-directional click on GMT) of sapphire models, the 5513/5512/1680 design is similar, in that the Insert should snap firmly into the Ring, right? Thanks, Chris
  6. Caci

    5513 Project

    As previously stated, with Rolex... You can be sure that there is overlap - meters first on post-‘67 Subs. It’s documented that the m/f to f/m was marketing driven. I’m obviously not the expert - I had to find out which dial was appropriate for my case period?
  7. Caci

    5513 Project

    Meters first were “FIRST”. They were changed to “Feet First” for marketing purposes, as “660” is bigger, better, longer, stronger, etc. than “200”.
  8. Caci

    5513 Project

    Freddy, He’s quoting me $320 on this dial, which is described as “Professionally Refinished” http://vintagewatchesmq.com/minhquy/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=1096&category_id=146&keyword=5513&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 I also asked about this White Meters First, but he did not quote me in his reply. I’ve since asked again for a price. http://vintagewatchesmq.com/minhquy/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=1093&category_id=146&keyword=5513&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 Maybe same price? But won’t assume anything at this point. I STILL haven’t decided on White or Aged, but either of these dials look pretty good to me... I can’t tell from his photos if his $250(!) Refinished hands are flat or curved. I’ve asked him about that and my desire to get matching dial/hands but he is pretty brief and did not answer my question. Here are the hands: “Patina” http://vintagewatchesmq.com/minhquy/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=629&category_id=130&keyword=5513&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 “White” http://vintagewatchesmq.com/minhquy/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=748&category_id=130&keyword=5513&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 ALSO, I tried to ask him if his re-fin dials are luminous, but did not answer. Does anyone know if they are - that’s a plus for me on this project. My wife is Vietnamese, perhaps he would correspond via Skype...
  9. Caci

    5513 Project

    Thanks for the advice. I’m estimating that it would take $1500-3500 for a dial, $400-1000 for hands, bezel insert $1000-3000 (I haven’t seen a genuine, vintage BEZEL for sale). So, $3000-7500 for dial/hands/Insert. Sound about right? Original case backs seem to be $900-1500. MQ quoted me (no prices on website) the following: 1. Price for One Set Hands Rolex Submeriner White Lume is 250USD 2. Price for One Set Hands Vintage Rolex Submariner Patina (aged) Lume is 250USD 3. Price for Insert for Rolex Submariner Ref 1665,1680,5512,5513,6536 is 150USD 4. Price for One set Bezel & Insert with Dot Patina For Vintage Rolex Submariner Ref 5512 - 5513 is 250USD 5. Price for Rolex Dial Submariner ref 5512-5513 old Patina 200m First Professionally Refinished is 320USD 6. Price for Case Back Submariner Ref 5513 Year IV.64 Original Rare ! Stock #09-CRO is 2200USD So, MQ dial/hands/insert would be $720+ shipping (+ $100 for bezel Ring). Yuki has case back for $230 shipped. (Inferior dial/handset + insert about $155.) Regarding a complete rep for it’s case back, any recommendations for whose would be a good candidate to fit my original case? Besides, I have a 1570 (SCOC) vs. 1520 movement - so, not going to get to an original 5513, anyway. In summary: Genuine parts, to complete = $4000-9000 (bezel ring, unknown) MQ = about $1100 “On the Cheap” (Yuki + WSO) = about $500 (including on-the-way WSO Bezel assembly) So, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “I got some ‘ciding to do!” As glamorous as it would be to have all genuine/original parts, I think that it would be way to much in a franken. Chris
  10. Caci

    5513 Project

    Well, I pulled the trigger on a WSO Bezel & Insert with plastic- rimmed pearl - I’ll see how it works out. Just installed gen 703 Crown & Tube.
  11. Caci

    5513 Project

    Thank you! Whom can you recommend for a Bezel/Insert/Spring? Thank you! Exactly the type of input I was hoping for. How about hands (flat?) to go with that dial? I’ve emailed MQ for price and details on hands. Still looking for recommendations on Bezel/Insert/Spring. Chris
  12. Caci

    5513 Project

    I was hoping to get some input on where to get a good dial/handset, but... I’m thinking about Yuki. They have a matte, meters first (seems the be the proper style). The White is too white and the Yellow is...too yellow. is there a way I can uniformly age the white dial & hands, for a tan color? Are there dials/hands actually luminous? I also see that Yuki sells a 5513 case back for $200 - seems reasonable. WSO990 sells a Bezel/Insert/Spring with a proper lume pip (no metal rim) for about $100. Anyone out there have opinions on these parts or have a better recommendation? thanks, Chris
  13. Caci

    5513 Project

    OK, very nice. Hands/dial/bezel//insert - source?
  14. Caci

    5513 Project

    Do you mean use gen dial, since gen movement & case? Exactly which style dial is correct for this 3rd quarter ‘67 case?
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