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  1. Which dealer did you buy from and which factory made the watch? I’m looking at the new ceramic Pepsi GMT clone on Trusty’s sight but noticed that the bezel seems to also have a slight gap between the colors at the 6 and 18 markers.
  2. I thought puretime’s current page is www.puretime.io?
  3. They had a C60 trident pro GMT 600 with an ETA 2893 half off in Jan that I bought - and honestly? It's a great watch! Extremely high bang for the buck - excellent build quality and materials. The only nit noid I have is that the stainless band uses friction pins and not screw pins like my Rolex - but I doubt I'll ever have an issue with it
  4. Impressive! Time to pull trigger?
  5. This guy, Charles Ginault, obviously would have great insight into a project such as this. His website doesn't appear to have been updated since circa 2011. Is he still around? Do he lurk on these pages? He went through a big effort to create what looks like a well built 16610 homage - is he aware of how much he could make just by selling correct "homage" cases? How close to the original is the "base module 1" watch he sells for $775? Great find - thanks posting...makes me wonder how many other similar efforts are already out there waiting to be found...you'd think that all the other WUS's would at least be lurking...
  6. Never heard of these guys - kinda sketchy since they probably rely on people fat-fingering "Swiss" for the address. Not worth losing $$ over if it's [emoji90] or never shows up.
  7. Quote from an article on the owners: "They spent a year sweating over bevel shapes, a quarter of a millimeter, agonized over – Every – Single – Detail – of the dial. “It took us a year to make this; from inception to production. Everything on this watch is purposeful. Every last f*cking dot was done on purpose.”" https://theoandharris.com/behind-the-license-plate-tempus-machina/
  8. Thank you for updating - it can be frustrating when reading a thread with a good question that then fizzles out over time with no resolution
  9. Here's a similar gen over on Hodinkee that just sold for a cool US$15,000: http://shop.hodinkee.com/products/1969-rolex-red-submariner-reference-1680?variant=20838412420
  10. Thank you both - time to start looking
  11. This description states that it's 316F stainless steel - is that a typo or is this bronze PVD?
  12. Nice, what does a good one go for?
  13. And for me it's easier to look through a list than fumbling through all the dealer websites to see what's new...
  14. Ugh - these guys have to also worry about supposed legit card processing companies too? Hopefully this rarely happens
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