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  1. Which forum? I've looked around and saw no posts on this so I started a thread. Can you recommend some sellers please
  2. Hi there, Could anyone recommend a decent replica site/seller for either of these please - possibly interested in pre-owned if they're good quality, https://www.omegawatches.com/watch-omega-seamaster-planet-ocean-600m-omega-co-axial-gmt-43-5-mm-23232442203001 or https://www.authenticwatches.com/omega-seamaster-planet-ocean-23232422101001.html Thank you
  3. lol Thanks, as ever, for your help Mike! You're a great guy and great help!
  4. Hi all, I can't figure out where in this forum you're meant to source a watch so I just thought I'd ask. Has anyone got this Omega GMT or can you tell me know someone who has it please, how much I should pay or what the difference between asian movement is? I'm a total newby, please help me out Thank you, James
  5. lol Thank you Mike, I would really appreciate it
  6. Hi pcardoza, thanks for the reply - where is are the "trusted dealers list"? Or indeed where did you get yours please? Is it absolutely identical? In essence, is it a AAA+ replica? I'm a novice, but learning
  7. Hi all, Fascinated with this forum. It seems to be packed with replica watch experts and the details and info is incredible. I'm pretty new to replica watch collecting, but I would love to get this particular watch. An omega planet ocean GMT. Could someone please tell me where I could get a very good model of it, how much roughly it should cost and what exactly (other than the price) is the difference between it and the original. If you're a seller, would you please show me images of the actual watch I will receive, can I pay by paypal and how much it'll be to send to Ireland. I know they're all novice questions, I did have a quick search of the site but no one really covered it to the extent I want. This is the exact watch I would like, I don't know the model number other than "planet ocean gmt" Thank you James
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