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  1. It's a reliable movement, I have a jf15400 and it's been great. But if you plan it as an everyday watch like the omega maybe not the best choice. The high polished/ brushed finish shows knocks quite clearly... more of a dress watch for me !
  2. You won't regret it... beautiful watch!
  3. No worries the version I have uses the week tracker as a seconds hand with a thin looking arrow in silver. The other rep version posted earlier uses a thicker white arrow which moves round with the minute and hour hands at hour intervals which you can't control... you just watch it gradually move hour by hour.. pretty pointless but closer to the gen if you were to look at it as gen doesn't have seconds hand. I prefer the seconds though its nicely done and serves a purpose the hour version arrow looks too thick and a bit cheap imo but glad there's a choice
  4. Looks good, personally i like the larger 41mm on me but this is a nice watch!
  5. Ok as promised here they are.... (other Seconds hand version) Side by side with JF 15400 Finish is pretty decent for the price not quite on par with jf 15400 but good, only thing negative thing really is the image on the day/night phase is crap and if im being really anal.. the date numbers from 25 -31 seem to over run onto the top silver rim around it slightly, but not something you would notice without serious magnification! all in all good bang for your buck.... i do think the hour tracker version has a different finish and noticed the white markers go all the way round the face of the dial where my version is closer to gen where it skips markers around the 3, 9, 12 and 6 where the silver rims are. Might be why it seems narrower anyway that my 2 cents hope it helps those on the fence decide.
  6. Hello mate, the white arrow on yours works as an hour tracker.. I have another version that runs as a seconds hand (not gen like but more useful imo) with a bit of a thinner arrow.. I'll post some pics of my version later same cost $200 think mine is a tiny fraction narrower as well. The thing that annoys me most is the stupid smiley sun on what is supposed to be a moon phase , don't mind it being day night phase but image of sun looks rubbish. Other than that I'm happy with mine