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  1. Joshua at perfect clones

    I think the tracking numbers he provides should only be taken with a grain of salt. From what I have read around the places I am in the minority. He seems to have processes set up and if everything goes according to plan I imagine they work quiet well. My order however just seems to be a conglomeration of F up's, some of them I put to him but the majority are in the people that he relies upon. It seems once things are outside the norm for him he has very little ways of dealing with it, or at least that is the way the communication comes across, which may be due to a language barrier rather than that actually being the case. I hope everything works out with your order
  2. Joshua at perfect clones

    PM sent
  3. Joshua at perfect clones

    I ordered with him because he is a trusted dealer of the site and am still awaiting to get a watch that works from him from an order placed in October. To his credit he responds to emails but will usually only respond with that he will look into it without ever getting back to you.
  4. Perfect Clones and EMS

    Just as an update, the local watch maker came back that it needed a whole new mechanism. Apparently an EMS mechanism purchased through the Australian authorized distributor costs more than I paid for the watch. So have sent it back a few weeks ago and am playing the waiting game once more.
  5. Perfect Clones and EMS

    It rocked up today, went straight from arriving at parcel center china to being here so I don't know what the go is, Josh sent a message a couple of days back after I posted this saying that is should be on its way now under the same tracking number so as to if there is an issue or ETA tracking is just bad I do not know. Anyways after all this the watch rocks up DOA. There is no damage to the package or the watch itself it just fails to tick over even after giving it a few twirls around. I have taken it to my local watch jeweler, told them what it is and they confirmed they are happy to work on it and have access to ETA parts and mechanisms. They took the back off and had a quick look over it and they say that there is an issue with the mechanism and are in the process of pulling it down to give me a free quote. The question I put to the more experienced guys is should I bother to have anything more to do with Josh? My thinking was if its something simple and an under $50 fix, just cop it sweet but if it needs a whole new mechanism and I am up for a couple of hundred this seems a pretty crap thing for me to have to absorb. I assume though that if I put it through Josh I will have to post the watch back to him to fix, which is another three to four weeks, then repair time (I guess a week or two), we hit Christmas time and then another three to four weeks to get back to me. So at the end of the process I will be lucky to get my watch back by Feb and am probably up for a further $50 in freight. So, what would you guys do?
  6. Perfect Clones and EMS

    That might be what is happening, the proof with the seconds per day variance looked a little too good to be true.
  7. Perfect Clones and EMS

    This is the loop, my concern is that the security check is where it resets so it is getting pinged somewhere? I understand about the restrictions on Josh, that is why I am looking elsewhere for ideas. I cant see similar issues being posted elsewhere on this forum or about EMS.
  8. Perfect Clones and EMS

    Hi Everyone, Long time follower first time poster. After reading every ones praise of Josh on here I took the plunge a few weeks ago and ordered an Omega clone from him. Initially everything went as everyone has said, a few things that I was not comfortably with but understand the precautions on his side although it removes alot of security on my side. Anyways proof photos came through, approved all those. I was given a tracking number through EMS and for over two weeks now it has just been going around in loops between arriving at parcel center, being processed, leaving parcel center back to arriving at parcel center all of which are in Guangzho. It has done this cycle about 4 times now. I raised it with Josh and was told to see what happens this cycle only to see it start again, I asked him to look into it and have not heard anything back for about 4 days now. I wanted to see if other people have had this happen and what was the outcome or if anyone has any suggestions on how to manage this.