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  1. Is the dimension off as well?
  2. Thoughts on the (Noob) 2014 Black Themes?

    can try to look for modded pcs on m2m sales
  3. AP Dial

    try e-bay? or parts section?
  4. Need your help here with auth caseback.

    Thanks for the info! Will take a look at the engravings and details next time. Cheers, Jt
  5. Need your help here with auth caseback.

    any details to look for ? thks
  6. Ap Ginza

    i think there is a difference in the 7
  7. Nice write up. Will have to save up the bank before starting this project. Ps: it's better if the missing pics are restored. Cheers, Jt
  8. new member

    Definitely a lot to learn from here. Ps: I miss Glasgow T.T
  9. new member

    Hihi, New to this forum. A lot to learn from the seniors! Cheers, jt