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  1. is there anyone in the UK who can look at an omega for me - something is looses at the back of the watch and is moving around, i also need the ceramic ring replacing at the front - i have the new part but no idea how the old comes off and how to put the new one on .. please let me know if you can help
  2. the watch your selling is it a 44mm or 40mm ??  

  3. not to worry Nanuq ill stick as i am to save any hassle .. thank you all for your kind response ..
  4. what are the chances of this ?? is the website link below to be true ?? maybe a R8 on the way http://watchbus.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3816&extra=page%3D1
  5. hi I'm from the UK - looking out for a rolex DSSD so back on the forums - I'm sure i was a member here before some years ago when i got my omega but maybe my email got deleted..
  6. i have a Omega OMCPO45-103R P-Ocean Ceramic Black-Orange SS/RU Swiss Eta 2824 - a few years old but barely worn - i bought this from Josh at Perfect clones.. just never wear it so genuine reason for sale.
  7. thanks guys i have been reading the forum for some time - i think my questions are worthy - just looking for some owners to answer my question ... thats the one I'm looking at bbsw@rren - thanks for your reply
  8. hi there I'm after a sea dweller 116660 blue/black face 44mm - just wondering if anyone has bought a rep ?? any ideas also how the reps out there look to the GEN ??? just been looking at a post of a sub mariner and the lume on the rep looks crap compared to a gen - has that been addressed on the reps ? also looking for a place to buy - ive bought from josh before just wondering if anyone recommends anyone else