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  1. Does anyone have the newest BP subs to share pics of? Been looking for a few ...
  2. The perlon is perfect for this Watch doesn't slide around or anything the case is really solid so it doesn't rattle or anything
  3. The weight is okay I would say not quite as heavy as the authentic , the design though is perfect, and I have mine on a perlon strap now anyways. I think without the bracelet the Watch case itself is about the same as a gen.
  4. Thanks! This has the 3186 movement, correct hand stack and the hour hand is independently adjustable.
  5. Just picked up this GMT Master ii from Andrew at TT, what a great customer service experience! All questions were answered in less than an hour generally and shipping took about 4 days from shipping date to my house in the US. The Watch is a noob best edition and I must say it's 9.8/10 almost perfect! If you're looking for this Watch don't hesitate buying from Andrew he will take care of you!
  6. thanks m8! ordered a noob GMT
  7. So I was looking at some GMTs on a few sites and was wondering what's the best to go for the Noob or BP factory GMT master ii with blue/black? Any suggestions?
  8. Hey just wondering if anyone had the blue/black ceramic rolex gmt ii for sale? I'm looking for one
  9. did anyone pick one of these up yet?
  10. Looking to buy thanks!
  11. Anyone have a noob v7 hulk?
  12. Anyone have great TD? I'm new and looking for some trusted dealers that people have had good experience with. Specifically I'm looking for a v7 hulk so if you have a TD let me know!