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  1. HorFan

    Clone 3135 movement

    The movement in your watch is a 2813, if you really want to upgrade your watch you can do so with an Eta clone 2836-2. You will need to replace the dial feet, get new eta hands and a movement ring. The date window on your dial is in the eta position.
  2. HorFan

    Pick a 1016 Dial (please)

    1 and 3 look identical to me, 6 looks kind of f-ed up at on the 9
  3. HorFan

    Watchesbuysale.co - avoid

    ^this. I doubt that they sent you the crappy one "by mistake".
  4. HorFan

    my 2836-2 is acting strange??

    Yep. I put gen Etas in my favorites, though I have lots of watches with clones. If and when a clone has problems, I will just replace it for $70, easier and cheaper than the headaches from trying to fix them.
  5. HorFan

    my 2836-2 is acting strange??

    I've found that gen ETA replacement parts don't always mesh with clone keyless parts, you'll probably have to replace the entire keyless works. The date wheel issue is another matter, the keyless cover should hold it in place.