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  1. HorFan

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    What time is it? ....Beer time!
  2. HorFan

    Silix big crown insert question

    They're loosey goosey, need adhesive.
  3. HorFan

    Is this a decent GMT rep?

  4. HorFan

    Is this a decent GMT rep?

    Looks to be a 21j AAA, econo clone. Decent enough for a starter rep, but worth no more than $100.00. These are readily available on DHg for around $80.
  5. I've purchased a number of clones from eBay sellers "carbinet2009" and "bjbjcs" , both have provided me with clean, well working clones at a good price.
  6. HorFan

    Want to scrounge for free

    I've got a few that might suit him. PM his address and I'll pop one in the mail, no charge [emoji846]