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  1. A lot would depend on which movement the hands and dial would fit. If they are gen spec then go with a VR3186, if they are eta you could use A2836-gmt, or maybe ETA 2893-2, also consider HZ6460-essentially an A2836-gmt with Rolex date wheel overlay,but the HZ has a sunken second hand pinion which requires a long tube second hand.
  2. You can get a Rolex 3135 sub case from Startimesupply, but you’ll need an account as they only sell to professionals. If you join NAWCC, you can use your membership number to establish an account with ST.
  3. The shadows and shading you are perceiving are a result of the guilloche pattern of the dial You’re looking at it at 10x the magnification than it will appear IRL. It’s a $200 rep, it’s not going to be exactly like the $5500 gen. If you reject it, you won’t be getting a better one. Stop nitpicking, and manage your expectations.
  4. Rest In Peace, Mr. Connery
  5. Lol, as if you needed another reason to not buy a Rolex from some random beach guy.
  6. Yes, just a little on a q-tip will take it right off.
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