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  1. HorFan

    Trusty Time Sub

    Which ones are those? There are no guarantees that any aftermarket part will fit your trusty sub. Only trial and error will tell. You’ve already discovered the bezel construction is not gen spec, so you should be suspect of any other “ultimate direct copy 1:1” bs.
  2. HorFan

    Trusty Time Sub

    A ceramic bezel insert won’t work with a 5 digit sub.
  3. HorFan

    Fake? advertised as gen

    Well, he did spend extra for the box and papers!
  4. HorFan

    Fake? advertised as gen

    Here is the same watch on DHg. LOL
  5. HorFan

    Fake? advertised as gen

    That’s so fake it hurts to look at it. Quartz hands.