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  1. Hedonist@

    Arf SD43 v2 is out

    On your first pic in dark it looks like lec have black hole efect like gen but on daylight not so It would be great that they upgrade that too Poslano sa mog SM-N950U koristeći Tapatalk
  2. Hedonist@

    Repgeek forum problems?

    Yeah hope so They were few times out but never this long Must be big problems need time to solve Keping my fingers crossed for them I wrote without looking that is you@yllekp Cheers man Hope to see you back on RWI soon :-)
  3. Hedonist@

    Repgeek forum problems?

    When will rwi be back
  4. Hedonist@

    Rolex Daytona Gold £3000 gumtree

    I ve seen reps in full gold but real gold and they are going by that price even higher now when price of gold went up
  5. Hedonist@

    Daytona ARF 4130 calibre clone

    Stuning :-)
  6. Hedonist@

    Rep of the year- 2017

    Expecting new APs from jf factory in 2018
  7. Hedonist@

    IWC Big Pilot 5009 - GEN vs REP Comparison

    Great rewiev Thank you
  8. Hedonist@

    IWC 5009-09 Le Petit Prince RG - Mods?

    No mods but gen strap
  9. Hedonist@

    Vintage Breitlings

    Love these vintage breitlings
  10. Nay Great looking watch but nit in love with that strap IMO
  11. Hedonist@

    Batch 3: Modded AP SS JF V7 divers

    Missed this time but PM ing you to reserve next batch [emoji3]
  12. Hedonist@

    AP Picture thread

    Nice man Who did AR on this one