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  1. Vlocity

    1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    For diver with movement 2824.
  2. Hello Everybody, First post on this forum.. hope at the good place I would like to find a very nice black dial for my Audemars Piguet diver carbon forged on 2824. I saw after buying my v6f the dial was not as genuine...but same as ceramic model... i Have to change it So please help Thanks
  3. Vlocity


    I like the idea.
  4. Vlocity


    Am swiss watchmaker, if someone need advice or informations will be happy to help
  5. Vlocity


    Hello guys. Nice Forum
  6. Vlocity

    1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Hello, I ordered on date wheel black few days ago, still processing. When do you think it will be shipped? Thanks for your good job. A watchmaker