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  1. Bigdaddyhps

    Opinions on detail

    I have 2 of these. On this one its does function on the other it moves but does not function properly. That is often the case with most reps with sub dials or timers. I have reps and gens and can honestly say I have never had anyone ask me to demonstrate the functions or even hold one of them. I guess anything is possible though.
  2. Bigdaddyhps

    Opinions on detail

    What do you guys think about the likeness to a gen on the YM2 stainless?
  3. Bigdaddyhps

    Type of movement

    But it's agreed that these are both Asian? That's what they were bought as. Thanks guys.
  4. Bigdaddyhps

    Type of movement

    Thank you sir, and sorry for the novice questions but are all 21j's Asian? How about this one?
  5. Bigdaddyhps

    Type of movement

    Hey guys can anyone chime in and tell me what kind of movement this is?