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  1. Hi Sogeha, The following are the preliminary features we are considering; - 42-45mm case - brushed SS or titanium, perhaps with interesting surface treatment and passivation for scratch resistance - chronograph - automatic - maybe GMT - waterproof to 100m We would love to get hooked up with some of your sources. We have an industrial designer on board who will come up with hand-drawn preliminary designs, which will get translated into Solidworks model. Then we will 3D print a prototype from that model in our lab. There will likely be several iterations for consideration. Final design review may include a handful of working or non-working prototypes. That part is easy for us, the hard part is production and sourcing parts for production. If you can help us with that, it would be much appreciated. J&A
  2. Hi Sogeha, Thanks for your response. I do realize this project is a bit of long shot and is fraught with loads of potentially insurmountable hurdles. However, it is a dream project that my stepson wants to attempt and I am here to help him. I do have Chinese relatives who live in Beijing and HK who can possibly help with some of the language difficulties. Which are the recommended parts manufacturers that produce reliable parts? Obviously, of particularly importance is the movement. Others on this forum must have purchased parts to franken their own watches before. Who are the trusted suppliers of such parts? Have many here used fullswing before? THanks again, J&A
  3. Dear RWG members, Please excuse my ignorance as we are new to this forum and there is much we don't know. My stepson and I have decided to embark on a personal project to create a limited edition custom watch. We have access to a fabrication lab with state of the art 5 axis CNC's, 3D printing, spacecraft raw materials and plating. However, this lab will only be used to create prototypes and one of a kind watches In the end, despite our limited edition, we need to source movements and other parts from a reputable overseas maker of watch parts. In addition, we will need this dealer to assemble the watches. Can anyone guide us to the best dealer for such a project? Someone who can machine custom dials, cases and buttons for us? Someone who can source reliable mechanical movements that will not break down in a couple of years? Thank you, J&A
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