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  1. marqtz

    Some old rep pics of mine

    Your way of photographing is always pleasant to see
  2. marqtz

    How to LOWER your SELs!!!!

    Great tutorial, very useful!
  3. marqtz

    almost there... 5513 Mil-Sub

    Beautiful. +++
  4. marqtz

    Scammer member RTL2

    Thanks for the info
  5. marqtz

    NATO strap - under wrist fold

    Looks more clean wearing. Thanks for sharing
  6. Great comparison. Thanks for sharing!
  7. marqtz

    BP SD 16600 Bezel construction?

    Bezel is mostly gen like. Crystal is not
  8. marqtz

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    The Noob SD V2 16600 #Zsn has a working HE valve.
  9. marqtz

    Noob Sub V8

    Look at the new ARF prototype 116610 a2824... Insert font deep improved https://puretime05.com/submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-arf-1-1-best-edition-904l-ss-case-and-bracelet-a2824-prototype.html
  10. marqtz

    Look at a 16 years old Rep of a MBW1665

    Beauty... Also have a sixteen rep in pieces need to be completed. Congrats
  11. marqtz

    Noob Submariner

    There are some TD in the sales section