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  1. Noob Submariner

    There are some TD in the sales section
  2. Seems to be a ST on sale here. Take a look. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Made-SS-Submariner-Case-for-Rolex-Cal-3135-Movement-/222818114070?nav=SEARCH
  3. Noob Sub V8

    Looks great The only noticeable point is the poor ar of the cyclop
  4. Tudor 7031 build thread

  5. My Rolex 116610LV

    It's amazing! Great! Thanks for sharing
  6. 1680 red

  7. Build gmt 1675 PGC,s

    Very nice build. Congratulations (complimenti)
  8. 5513 Project

    What is the size, diameter of the retainer you are looking for?
  9. Removing a SSD bezel insert

    Mine too
  10. Removing a SSD bezel insert

    Is it a Z series?
  11. Is the SN start with 32xxxx?
  12. Rolex Wristies thread

    My SSD Z539117 need to be upgrade Inviato dal mio ONE A2003 utilizzando Tapatalk