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  1. Good morning, I was considering to buy a gold plated rep as a daily beater but I wasn't quite sure how the gold would hold up. I read a few other threads which all were a bit older and they said that the first signs of wear and tear set in after a few months. I was hoping to wear it for the next year or two. Is there someone here who has more experience or knowledge about that topic? Maybe even someone who uses a gold rep as a daily.
  2. Good morning, I've been looking to buy an IWC chronograph automatic and I saw some with an ivory coloured dial. Unfortunately I couldn't find more information on this version. Is it just a normal chrono with a discoloured dial or is it some special version? I attached a picture of the one I saw online.
  3. I gave it another try and one side clicks in without a problem and the other just doesn't want to no matter what I do. I will check tomorrow in the morning again when there's a bit more light and see what's wrong with the side that doesn't click in.
  4. Good morning, I was wearing my Submariner and wanted to take it off for the day and suddenly a clasp pin fell/jumped out. (see attachment) I thought it wouldn't be so hard to just put it back and glide it in so it locks again but for the love of god I can't get it to just click back. Is here someone who had the same problem? And is there a trick to just get it back?
  5. Looking for a 50525 with brown dial

    I already feared that it would be an issue.. Ok, I will try my luck and write an email or two. Thanks so much for the quick response.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a 50525 with a brown dial (the everose gold one) but unfortunately I couldn't find it yet. Does someone know a trusted dealer that may have it?
  7. Thanks to everybody for the warm welcome, I already had contact with some members and everyone has been helpful and friendly. I will definitely enjoy it here.
  8. The v2 looks gorgeous, thank you for sharing the review and the pictures.
  9. Where to start building watches?

    Is there maybe a site where I can buy broken mechanical watches and cheap broken pocket watches? It would be the first time for me buying something like this and I really wouldn't know where to look. With replicas I would love to build or buy a Rolex Cellini (Time or Dual Time) or a Rolex Datejust.
  10. Where to start building watches?

    Thank you for the quick answer. In the long run it would be my goal to make custom watches and sell those to willing customers. Meaning I should be able by then to "blindly" assemble any watch and repair watches that have problems. For now I want to learn what goes into building a watch, so that I can understand where every piece belongs and what every piece does. So I want to start slow and over a few years be a lot better than I am right now. If I learn everything by building custom watches or by building replicas doesn't really matter that much to me as I just want to learn how it works. I hope this answers your question. If not please let me know what else you want to know.
  11. Hello, I looked a bit through the forum but I couldn't find a thread about it. If it already exists, my excuses. I want to start building watches (replicas) and own designs. My question is now where should I start? I don't have a problem with buying the tools or waiting a bit for everything to arrive but are the factories where I can just buy movements, cases, etc.? I hope questions like these are permitted here. I unfortunately couldn't find other threads. If it helps: I'm currently living in Europe
  12. Hi everyone, I found this forum today by accident and thought I should register. I have been collecting some watches for the past few years (nothing exciting) and now I got interested in replicas/building watches. I'm completely new to the topic, so I hope I can find a lot of useful information here.