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  1. I did some more digging and what it basically boils down to: ZF has the best OOTB watch but with a date wheel mod the KMF should be better looking. The V6F only really wins in price comparisons. So I think I'm going to go for the KMF and change the date wheel. They also said that the rose gold version holds up very well so if it is taken care of the gold should last a while.
  2. I already thought so.. As I plan on wearing it every other day I will settle for the blue / black dial. Only have to find out which factory I should go for
  3. Hey, Could someone tell me which factory makes the best rep with a good price quality ratio? I really like the rose gold version with the brown dial but I'm not sure how long the plating will last (= how the quality of it is) and how the color is compared to the original. I could not really find any in depth reviews either. If the rose gold is not at all like the gen or if the plating is poor quality I would like to go for a blue dial one. I already found out that the ZF is supposedly closest to gen but a bit overpriced whereas the V6F has the best quality / price ratio with a few minor flaws. Is that still the case? Does someone maybe have experience with that watch and could tell me what I should look for / which factory would be the best to choose?
  4. Hey, I unfortunately lost a screw on my vacheron overseas metal strap so I was looking at new straps / screws. I saw some dark blue leather ones that look really good on AliExpress but I have my doubts about the quality. Do you guys know a place where I can buy some aftermarket straps for the overseas? I'm located in the EU so it would be preferable if the shop is in the EU but if the quality is good then I don't mind ordering from outside of the EU.
  5. I'm sorry for the late reply. If possible rep dials. I looked a bit more and couldn't find much for the two brands I was looking for, nearly every page only sold rep Rolex vintage dials.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if someone knows where to buy vintage dials from other brands than Rolex. I already found yuki, Ruby and some other sites but they usually only sell Rolex dials and cases. I'm specifically looking for Patek or Vacheron dials. I already checked eBay but some of the dials cost a bit more than I can afford so I was hoping there are manufacturers still selling dials and cases.
  7. I contacted trusty, puretime and toro but unfortunately none of them had the stainless steel one available. So if someone sells it or knows where I still could find one (even only parts is ok by me), please feel free to send me in the right direction
  8. I searched around a bit and found the threads by rolojack and ubiquitous. For the interested: Unfortunately the ubiquitous build does not have that many pictures anymore.
  9. Apparently I can't edit the original post but after some more searching I finally found the original post: It is a Vintage PPCo 130 with genuine dial, hands, crown, etc.
  10. Good morning, I've just stumbled upon a picture I saved from the Wristies thread a while ago but I can't find out which model the watch is. The watch is absolutely stunning and I would like to know if it was a custom build and which exact Patek model it is. Are there reps that come close to the genuine? I tried a Google / Google Image search and the Ref. 130 came close but all the ones I could find were in yellow gold and not in stainless steel with gold hands. I tried searching through this forum but I couldn't get the exact model either so I hope someone can help me.
  11. My main issue was that the pin that came with the watch originally was a bit too thick and the ends were not fitting correctly into the holes / slipping out. I bought some new pins from Aliexpress, it clicked in directly and since then I didn't have a problem with the watch anymore.
  12. Thanks for the quick response, went ahead and ordered the SS JF v3 15400 with a white dial from trusty
  13. Good morning, I was thinking about getting the yellow gold royal from JF. As far as I could read the JF are currently the best you can get but I was wondering about the yellow gold plating. How close is it to gen? It would be my first AP so I wanted to get one with a good quality. I could only find one version of that watch, how does it compare to the SS V2 or V2? (blue dial) Already thanks for the help
  14. Good evening, I'm looking for an IWC portofino automatic, preferably with the brown leather strap and the white dial but without branding (iw356504 or iw356517). Does somebody know where I can get a watch like that? It would be nice if it came with an asian eta or miyota movement. A lookalike would also be ok, as long as there is no branding on it. I tried searching the web for a bit but only could find watches with the brand on the dial and the caseback.
  15. Arrived today and first time wearing it out
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