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  1. Eager to see it and hear the review
  2. Hello, Like to check what is the issue with my gen tag heuer F1 grande date. The issue is that the watch will only run for about a day before it stop abruptly. I would need to unscrew the crown and adjust the time and the hand will continue to work again. This is frustrating as i need to do it every day. The battey is perfectly fine as i swap and tested a couple of them. I am using the recommended renata battery. I am reluctant to send this in to tag heuer as the warranty has expired. Any recommendations for a diy fix? Thanks! Model is cah1010
  3. Hello Everyone, Greetings! Am a newbie in replica watches and i bought these SDDS and Sub in Bangkok 2 years ago. got a few question hope you could help me out thanks ! 1. judging on the picture, could the replica company be identified? 2. if yes, which version could it be? 3. could the movement be identified? 3135/A2386/ETA2386 ? 4. what are the current market value for these? SDDS SUB
  4. Hi guys, Im a new member here and a newbie in replicas. i like to ask where can i buy a noob v7 submariner ? Need some recommendation on trustable sites. Also if the site offer reasonable price noobs will be a bonus thanks everyone
  5. Djkenishii


    Hello everyone, new watch enthusiast here. Looking to know more about noob rolex thanks