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  1. Hi, Take their readings with a pinch of salt - they only test it flat, not at varying angles nor rotate etc, it's just used to test it actually works. Best thing is to get it serviced as soon as you get it to be honest. M.
  2. Damn dude, that all sounds awesome! Interested to hear more about the v6s upgrades - I'm going to guess crown, xtal, DW & insert? Nice - BP do the better sub dial afaik so that'll be a great project! Feel free to donate me anything you don't use hah
  3. Nice currently enjoying costa del sol weather before I fly back on NYE to brexit - Unfortunately not but have found a buyer who's potentially interested which is good news over on other RWG forums but I said best to wait until RWI is back up since it's a HVS etc also am going to sell my YM (just need to get the scratches sorted out with ado and then I'm contemplating to do a movement transplant) you interested?
  4. Hey dude! Nice to see familiar faces hope you're well!
  5. Lol a select few Tesco's actually stock it now otherwise duty free or online whiskey shops will sell a bottle for £30-40 depending on time of year etc make sure it comes with the box to store it in though as it makes a difference keeping it out of sunlight etc as you probably may be aware! Same, I've had to signup to forums and become more active on Reddit, crazy times ! LOL preach Learn something new everyday! On side note, please do not let this new discovery distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off 'Hell In A Cell' and plummeted 16 ft through
  6. Nice collection!! Love the Lagavulin. Have you tried Cao ila? It's been my go to for the last year as opposed to Ardbeg which I find too smokey these days (where as Cao ila is a light smoke) Dave - it's a strain of flu thoat only men can get and was first diagnosed in cave men thousands of years ago - women are genetically immune somehow
  7. Lol if you left out, let me know and I'll try to fling you a nice booger :-) on side note, they have some proper medicine here for dealing with MF - not like Beechams, Lemsip and all that crap local pharmacies usually try to flog me - and it's actually doing me wonders - too bad I have no sense of taste right now as I couldn't enjoy my scotch earlier humbug
  8. Thanks defo except it gets chilly at night so I've picked up man flu too heh! #firstworldproblems
  9. Thanks Jason! I hope I will too just having the time is a pain in the rear! Thanks dude! Didn't even know there were 2 places by name of RWG, just been reading up on all the history! LOL Pat I thought I finally found a place you don't visit haha! Well just got my 5th watch waiting for me at home (the franken TC) but am currently in Costa Del Sol with my Mrs and her familia. Got 2 to sell once I get back so feel free to sell me a kidney and I'll send them your way!
  10. Hey hey, Just stopping by whilst RWI is down. From the land of Brexit aka London !
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