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  1. For the DWO tool I know it exists already and I started from pictures of it to model mine. I have a friend who owns a 3D printer so I thought if someone was in need of it have access to a 3D printer, it'll be great for him. I also reworked and "rasterized" the DWO if someone needs
  2. As I got a lot of information from members, I'd like to share the dwo tool 3d model. It works for the 2824-2 and the dg2813. It's ready to be printed. dwo 1570.stl
  3. Yes it's way too thick. I still need to sand it more. But I wanted to try the result before sanding it completely. @dieselpower It's impossible to replace directly the disc as the date window diameter is smaller than the disc. The polexpete dwo has an open 6 on the 26, it should be closed.
  4. I designed a dwo tool based on what I found and printed in 3D. For the dwo, I wanted to have the correct brushing direction as it comes from the center to the outer diameter.
  5. Hi there, I just finished a datewheel overlay to mimic the silver date disc of a 1570 movement. I made it to work with eta movement as the original doesn't turn in the same direction. Is it any close to something good?
  6. Or maybe if someone has a high definition scan of an original date disc. I can rework it and I'll of course share it with you.
  7. Of course but the thickness is way too different. The open 6 on the 2-digit number is off. Anybody else has a DWO that can match my expectation?
  8. The first picture is from a 1570 movement (not mine). The second one is a 3135 date disc. It's obviously not the same teeth position but I'll only use it as a datewheel overlay.
  9. Thanks Drummania but the fonts are too much off for me. On the parts I have, everything is gen except the movement and the hands. I'll probably try to print one myself if I don't find anything close. An example of the font I'm looking for but with the numbers going anticlockwise. And this 3135 with open 6 that is available. It doesn't have the flat 3 but turns clockwise. Is the size ok for the date window? I'd like to have thick numbers but I think what I'm looking for doesn't exist.
  10. Hi, I'm building a franken 1601 (it's my first project) and I'd like to know if the datewheel position of a 3135 will match a 1601 dial? I don't know if the position of the date will be the same compared to the 1570 movement I'm using a 2824-2 and the date moves clockwise so I'm not able to use the gen 1570 date wheel. Thanks for your answers!
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