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  1. RabanJr

    Sh3135 winding

    Any luck? I had a huge rate fluctuation on my Noob V7 SubC SA3135. It would go from +140 sec/day to -40 sec/day. It was a mess. I opened her up and both screws that hold the movement in place we’re loose. One was about to fall out. I tightened them up and all is well with the world so far.
  2. RabanJr

    Thank you ChazingTime

    Just over a week ago I made my first rep purchase ever. I opted to order a Sub C 116610 LN Noob V7 SA3135 from ChazingTime. Being my first time I was a little apprehensive, but these sites gave me hope. One piece of good advice was patience. We are so used to instant gratification, we like to pay and get it ASAP. When purchasing reps from China, things are a little slower When I first ordered the watch, I received an email with payment instructions very quickly. After that, communication was not a problem. I received my QC photographs as scheduled and it all looked great. To make a long story short, I received my watch today. Thank you DHL! Only 3 Days to USA. I cannot express how beautiful this watch is. I owned a gen Sub C years ago and this is almost identical. Really, other than the AR in the cyclops, I would never tell the difference. I just wanted to share my happy story. Thank you rwg and ChazingTime!
  3. RabanJr

    Hello from Virginia, USA

    It certainly seems so! I received my QC pictures yesterday and am totally stoked to receive this beauty.
  4. First time looking into reps and was really surprised to see such a helpful and informative community here and on RepGeek. Purchased my first rep, a noob v7 subc, last week from Chazingtime. Still waiting for the QC pics, hopefully today