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  1. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Thanks for all the information folks its been really useful. Just to let you know I heard nothing back from NDT trading so presumably they no longer around. In the end I plumped for a bezel set from ebay that alligoat pointed me to. They look pretty good and what I liked is they come with two inserts a Pepsi & a faux bakelite, so I have a choice to wear. He also offers a no quibble returns if your not happy (apparently). Seems a decent guy I threw a number of questions at him which he answered very quickly. His trading name is tt6204vintage. I suspect he may be known to some on the forum already as apparently he has over 50 happy customers lol. Anyway I'll let you know the quality and post some pics when it arrives . Thanks again for all your help Pete
  2. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Wow, thanks Joeyb I'll take a look, thanks.
  3. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Hi guys, their website is still up and running. I’ve emailed them today for prices availability. I’ll let the forum know I’d I hear back, regards Pete
  4. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Wow that’s a beautiful thing I’m sure you’re rightly proud of it . Its just as well that there are passionate people like yourselves and others on this site that try and keep the history and dream of owning a genuine or faux Rolex alive. Don’t get me wrong I know that collectors are passionate and have a great love of these watches just the same way but we can’t all own a genuine watch and what’s wrong with coveting one whether a franken Rolex or made up . People spend lots of time and a lot of money to achieve that dream, what’s wrong with that? There’s nothing sneaky or underhanded about it and it shouldn’t be sneared at ( unless an attempt to pass one off as genuine) of course. What I’ve seen on here is a real passion of people wanting to have a beautiful timepiece on their wrist and being prepared to put in their hard earned cash to do it . It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing as you, what happens when all the originals are snapped up by collectors? I personally don’t get the fascination for patina where it’s to the point of lume flaking off and dials faded to a point that they’re almost unreadable. It’s strange you can restore a masterpiece, a vintage or classic car , furniture correctly and it will add value , but for most, but not all, if you touch the dial or hands of a vintage watch it undermined its integrity and devalued it. As I’ve said a watch is to wear and to cherish, not to lock away or be too frightened to wear in case the fragile bakelite breaks. I wonder what will happen when the supply completely dries up too, will genuine watches with refinished or restored dials be the next big thing and best option for collectors, time will tell? It’s an immotive subject which seems to divide the vintage watch community. All I know is a Rolex watch is to be worn, looked at, admired, loved and cherished. I’ll get off my soap box now! Kind regards Pete
  5. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Hi JSebWC, wow that looks incredible ! If thats not an original dial that also looks amazing too. Thanks so much for the link I'll look into it. I had no idea you could get such amazing pieces. In an ideal world I'd like to get the real thing but prices are sky high. I'm not a collector and not interested in the watch being put away in a cabinet they're made to be warn and cherished in my opinion. Kind regards Pete
  6. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Hi Nanuq thanks for your kind words, I guess he didn’t really know what he had at the time but 60 years after it was made (1958) who’d have thought.Just a shame he didn’t hang in to the bezel as I’d dearly love to keep it as original as possible but when the bezel insert broke in the late 60s early 70’s he couldn’t have known the implications so discarded it. I can’t prove it’s from a Milgauss but it would have been end of the 60’s early 70’s when he replaced the bezel with the current one. His amateur Rolex watch dealer friend sourced it , I’m given to understand that the 6541Milgauss and the 6542 have the same size case , so it would fit, but I have no papers to prove either way unless it has markings underneath but on the balance of probabilities I’d say it is. Thanks for the advice about the bracelet I was made aware on another forum that that’s the best period bracelet to have. Thanks again , kind regards Pete
  7. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Revere many thanks, I most certainly will do , kind regards Pete
  8. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Many thanks folks for the very helpful suggestions. I'll wait to see what else comes through before deciding which way to go, thanks again I'm grateful Pete
  9. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Hi folks, I'm a newbie here so apologies if this is a thread that has been exhausted but some of the threads I've managed to find seem quite old. I own a genuine GMT master 6542 that I inherited form my dad. It was fitted (still is) with a steel smooth bezel from A Rolex Milgauss 6541 after the original bakelite bezel disintegrated. I've tried without success to find a genuine replacement bezel set due to the rarity of such a piece, as you can probably understand. I have come to the conclusion that the only way I can get the watch looking right is to try and source a high quality after market bezel to give the watch back some of its originality, albeit not original . I'd be grateful to any members if they could share some of their knowledge and experience to point me in any direction where I might be able to source one. I'd be very grateful. Thanks in anticipation, Pete. I've attached a picture of said watch. PS The strap is not original and I know I should screw the crown in.