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  1. f last, ZF arrives. Absolutely delight! It´s so nice and amazing! Only one isuue: The clasp of brazalet isn´t as thight as I thought; compared with other subs (as genuine omega seamaster ) is deficient, so I have attached a strecht band of teflon....but I´ll try to give it a better solution in the future. Any idea how to solve this problem? And finally the pics. Cheers!
  2. Well, finally I´ll try an ZF Titanium Blue from Perfect Clones. I expect not to have problems with customs. Thanks.
  3. That´s what I thought. And is the same web https://www.pf-828.com than http://www.pf-818.com ? Because with http://www.pf-818.com/index.php I get an error (URL not found). http://www.pf-818.com.
  4. where are Puretime Watches based on?
  5. o.k. Now I know who knows about this theme....YOU ARE THE REP´s MASTER, OH YEAHH!! Best of regards!
  6. Thank you, people. I´ll look for the watch on those portals you named. And do you know if any of the named sent from Europe (in order not to have problems with customs?
  7. I'm a bit surprised, because It has a price of 350€, and it is described as "ZF superlative" and I thought that ZF was one of a kind; so could you recommend me a better place to purchase it than DHgate, with more quality watches and secure related with resend and customs? Thanks in advance again! Enviado desde mi EVA-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  8. Thanks in advance. I have the intention of buy it via Dhgate, but I´m worried about this question. The fact is ZF is a "fake". In Spain fakes are illegal and I fear that the ítem may be detected in Customs and I must pay a fine ad of course the watch confiscated by them. The seller told me that the olnly info in the parcel Will be "metal bracelet". So , what would you do? …..( a little help) Thanks again.
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