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  1. ahahah...what a clown without shame...
  2. so?? mods can please at least we have his tel number? thank you very much
  3. no, i paid via paypal but family and friends
  4. @Admin @kernow @Mike on a bike @Nanuq @TwoTone
  5. yes i do have his paypal account.. refund from who?
  6. and he is also a vip member....mods cant do anything?
  7. update: appearently the watch was sold also to @warn1nG so seller is a scammer...
  8. hi everybody i ve just bought a franken datejust from hilla here: yesterday i paid for the watch and he said me it's been shipped for noon, then he said he was busy so he will ship in the evening and send me the tracking nr. in the evening he said me item shipped but no still tracking number but he would give it to me around 9.00 pm...then 7.00 am cause "he forgot it in the office" but he swear that item is on his way to me... now he don't answer anymore (is 11.45 am) and from DHL (he said he used it) does not result any shipment for me.... i don't know what to thi
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